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Autor: Zipp8106
Data: 23 Lipiec 2012
Kategoria: PROGRAMY » Systemy

Process Lasso Pro Final (x86/x64)

Process Lasso Pro Final (x86/x64) | 4.55 Mb

Process Lasso Pro - a small utility that allows you to manually or automatically manipulate the processes running on your computer for maximum performance and stability. This utility is not a substitute for the standard manager processes, rather, it adds new features to help optimize the performance of the CPU at maximum load. The program provides an opportunity to determine the priority of processes, and, at the user's priority will be given and for all subsequent runs. Also with the help of this tool, you can shutdown unwanted processes. In addition, the program allows you to keep statistics of running processes. The program has a separate version for 64-bit systems, and the interface of the program has the support of the Russian language.

Dynamic balancing priority processes to optimize performance
Use of standard processes, priorities
Acceleration in the foreground
Limit number of copies of programs
Prevent run specific programs
Maintain statistics of running processes
Dynamic graph of system load
Separate core engine program
Support for 32-bit and 64-bit systems
And much more

Graphical Interface Features:
Easy installation rules of priorities and process affinity to CPU default
If you wish to display tooltips to notify you at the time of action
Unique system responsiveness calculation and display graphics
Easy to use menu system right click the mouse to quickly set priorities
Monitoring and control processes without the need to open the GUI

Changes in Process Lasso Pro Final:
- Fix some installer self-correcting edition anomalies
- Removal GUI Removed message about governor not warning (see BIG RED system tray icon and its tooltip)
- Change GUI Adjusting timing of governor monitor thread

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