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Data: 29 Lipiec 2011
Kategoria: PROGRAMY » Pozostałe

Haufe Finance Office Professional v9.2 Stand Juni 2011 German-BLZiSO
Haufe Finance Office Professional v9.2 Stand Juni 2011 German-BLZiSO
Haufe Finance Office Professional v9.2 Stand Juni 2011 German-BLZiSO | 2.3GB

Professionals in finance and accounting, accounting manager, commercial manager, accountants and auditors who want to both keep track as well as specific questions need answers fast.
"Haufe Finance Office Professional" can help with technical articles, examples, tips, tools and exclusive service offerings at all the challenges of accounting - for new tax laws, evergreens like depreciation, travel expenses and GWG or BilMoG!

Right up to date

BilMoG: With this , the balance analyzer, basic and in-depth knowledge , practical checklists for needs analysis and conversion to BilMoG.
Audit : preparation, action, audit issues, practical tips
Reporting : design, optimization measures, metrics and reporting
E-balance sheet: information on electronic submission of your annual accounts
Basel III: proposed new regulations
Tax Simplification Act 2011
Tax Schedule 2011

Her extensive knowledge of finance and accounting.
Accounting , such as national and international accounting organization in accounting, legal forms and issues, wage and salary in the financial accounting, current accounts, accounting records, account assignment ABC. Includes full crowd HGB balance comment.
Taxes such as income tax, VAT, corporation tax, income tax, inheritance and gift tax, international tax law
Controlling , for example, cost accounting, controlling, risk management
Finances , such as investment, financing, rating
Knowledge management practices , such as project management and leadership
Legal documents , such as laws, regulations, administrative directives, decisions, pending cases (notification service), double taxation agreements, IFRS

Haufe HGB integrated balance comment. BilMoG used safely.
Recent comments relevant to the accounting HGB-paragraphs (- 238 - - 342e HGB)
Many examples, booking records and overviews of new developments and current practice issues
Detailed report and commentary on the change by the BilMoG
Valuable checklist for conversion to BilMoG

Practical work aids. Support in every situation.
Useful tools and calculators, for example BilMoG efficient balance analyzer, business car computer, computer depreciation, wage and salary calculation, business plan, rating tool
All forms are currently at hand, eg for travel expenses
Sample texts and treaties, such as for investment analysis
In addition, checklists, charts, tables, etc.

Attractive services included. VIP treatment for you and your accounting.
Online training plus: At least 16 online courses annually, including, for example to the ongoing changes in current tax and accounting law or BilMoG, as well as to the issues controlling, leadership, project management or social skills
Upon request, the introduction into the product via hotline, as well as video training product
Direct Contact the editor
The services are free for customers of Haufe Finance Office Professional

Absolute security. With the most topical.
The common, cutting-edge information base for all employees of the department of finance and accounting. Also available in the Team Edition includes licenses for three jobs.
Continuous updates of the contents are included in
Important always in view, for example, by news, newsletter and regular Top Topics
Reliable expertise provided by experienced editors and renowned authors

Simple user interface . More comfort.
Shortcut: Compact, fast and easy and much more together on one page all the important technical content and guidance documents on key issues such as balance sheets and financial statements, tax changes, BilMoG, GWG, tax, depreciation
Professional search engine for best results
Easily export, and save in all popular formats
Convenient archiving with binders and favorites
Direct delivery of articles via e-mail to colleagues and staff

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