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Data: 19 Lipiec 2011
Kategoria: PROGRAMY » Pozostałe

Graphisoft ArchiCAD 14 3018 R1 (3269) Windows & MacOsX
Graphisoft ArchiCAD 14 3018 R1 (3269) Windows & MacOsX
Graphisoft ArchiCAD 14 3018 R1 (3269) Windows & MacOsX | 3.2 Gb

- 106345 CODEMETER: CodeMeter soft license borrowing is not working on Windows 7.
- 113657 CRASH: ArchiCAD crashes if "Enable access for assistive devices" is ON.
- 102628 CRASH: caused by the handling of images on OS 10.6 in some situations.
- 112375 CRASH: Crash after unchecking the Header/Footer checkbox in the Document Options dialog.
- 113711 CRASH: Crash can occur if fonts with missing family or subfamily names are used.
- 108608 CRASH: Crash while importing old attribute files from ArchiCAD 12 or older.
- 112200 CRASH: Modifying mesh causes crash.
- 114107 CRASH: Under certain circumstances ArchiCAD can crash when editing grid element on a Section set to Manual-Update.
- 101300 CRASH: when breaking a hotlink in some circumstances.
- 101661 CRASH: when deleting a story in certain circumstances.
- 112071 DESIGN: Context Sensitive Help does not work correctly on Win 7 and on Intel Mac OS.[/center]

- 112477 DESIGN: Curtain Wall library part panel is shifted on floorplan if the Curtain wall is made shorter.
- 112909 DESIGN: CW doors are positioned incorrectly in 2D if frame is not on the scheme's gridlines.
- 106020 DESIGN: Elevation in main file does not update when hotlinked module is updated.
- 112535 DESIGN: On Mac, dragging and dropping a picture from Safari or Firefox onto 2D window causes crash.
- 111847 DESIGN: Photorendered image doesn't refresh during rendering.
- 112835 DESIGN: Zooming with Mighty Mouse has a lag.
- 111966 DOCUMENT: After linking PMK's as drawings, the back reference functionality of the marker is not usable any more.
- 114164 DOCUMENT: Associative label on section moves after saving and reopening particular file.
- 113676 DOCUMENT: crash after when zooming in and editing text.
- 111206 DOCUMENT: Door/window marker on rotated view is not rotated in saved dwg.
- 113255 DOCUMENT: drawings created from rotated floorplan are rotated incorrectly.
- 111050 DOCUMENT: if elements are moved on floor plan, then associative labels don't move with the element in the section/elevation.
- 113693 DOCUMENT: PMK with a bad fill position cannot be placed properly as a drawing.
- 113558 DOCUMENT: User-made labels move out of position after is saved and reopened.
- 113668 DOCUMENT: Wrong volume calculation in interactive schedule if calculation unit is set to cubic feet and cubic inches.
- 52863 EDIT: When one modifies the vertex position of the bottom of a double slanted wall using the Tracker input (Slant Angle), the angle changes from 90 to 0.
- 114078 EDIT: After exporting VBE file, numbers cannot be entered into some textboxes on dialogs.
- 104748 EDIT: Dragging multiple elements in section/elevation results in the same home story for each of these elements.
- 111565 EDIT: On Windows 7 with Aero turned off in 3D window, Tracker does not accept input.
- 113481 EDIT: Locked Curtain Wall can be edited.
- 113993 EDIT: In Settings Dialogs, GLOB_LAYER does not refresh in case of layer change.
- 112365 EDIT: Objects from Migration Library cannot be found in the library tree.
- 85211 EDUCATIONAL VERSION: One year educational license does not work if the Username contains accented letters.
- 113762 FILE: ArchiCAD can crash when opening certain files created in previous ArchiCAD versions.
- 106426 FILE: Cannot open some files in which Solid Operation is used between project elements and Hotlink elements.
- 111401 FILE: If the Library Part editor dialog is open, then cancelling New Project command can cause crash.
- 106106 FILE: Mod file saved by "Save Selection as Module" contains embedded objects that were not selected.
- 102489 FILE: Radial gradient fills exported to PDF have incorrect origins.
- 107444 FILE: Memory usage and file size grows at each save with particular files.
- 112914 FILE/DWG: If DWG is merged using the RGB pen matching method, then the RGB=128,128,128 color is converted to a wrong pen.
- 112459 FILE/DWG: Opening particular DWG file causes crash.
- 113754 FILE/DWG: Texts with particular fonts cause ArchiCAD 14 to freeze during DWG export.
- 104121 FILE/DWG: With particular project, fills from zone stamp are missing in exported DWG.
- 113414 FILE/3DS: bmp materials get lost when converting 3DS file to GDL.
- 113586 FILE/IFC: After merging particular IFC file into ArchiCAD project GDL error messages are displayed.
- 114264 FILE/IFC: After opening particular file, IFC_Common.apx is unavailable in the Library Loading Report.
- 114114 FILE/IFC: Error when generating custom property set with GER library parts.
- 99837 FILE/IFC: Incorrect export with "follow partial structure setting".
- 113961 FILE/IFC: Wall offset and position is changed at import of particular file.
- 111127 FILE/IFC: Walls are not recognized by AC after merging the plan to an IFC file using model filtering.
- 111172 FILE/IFC: Beam is rotated after importing Tekla model.
- 111957 FILE/IFC: Classification data gets lost with Detect IFC Model Changes.
- 112144 FILE/IFC: Detect IFC Model Changes does not recognize the change in the column profile.
- 112362 FILE/IFC: Detect IFC Model Changes does not work for IFCZIP and IFCXML formats.
- 111835 FILE/IFC: Extruded beams in IFC file shrink or disappear when importing into ArchiCAD.
- 112917 FILE/IFC: Objects move when a particular file is saved to IFC file.
- 112124 FILE/IFC: Skylight saved from 3D view is not saved in IFC.
- 111767 FILE/IFC: Some rounded beam profiles get distorted in ArchiCAD at import.
- 111714 FILE/IFC: Wrong layer intersection numbers are generated when merging a Revit Structure IFC file.
- 113232 GDL: DEFINE IMAGE_FILL command gives syntax error with string type variables.
- 111971 MEP: MEP elements become simple objects if the MEP library is deleted and then replaced on the BIM Server.
- 113485 TEAMWORK/CRASH: Crash after splitting and sending CW that is not reserved.
- 113783 TEAMWORK/CRASH: Duplicating a project in ServerManager can cause crash.
- 111815 TEAMWORK/CRASH: Faulty camera set causes crash.
- 100316 TEAMWORK: "Release All" doesn't send changes if only an embedded library part is changed.
- 113861 TEAMWORK: "Release All" with cancelled send can cause error ( "Send error: server returns error code" ).
- 103984 TEAMWORK: "Server Returns Error Code" after attaching an XREF.
- 104377 TEAMWORK: "Server returns error code" error message in some special situations.
- 112431 TEAMWORK: "Unsuccessful teamwork operation" error when changing logged-in user's password.
- 111702 TEAMWORK: 'Authentication Failed' dialog comes up too many times because of offline library.
- 103912 TEAMWORK: cannot send & receive after placing an XREF under some circumstances.
- 82034 TEAMWORK: Changes to Project Info may not register on BIM Server.
- 111208 TEAMWORK: copy/paste of master layout causes Invalid Objects, then Database Commit Error.
- 113478 TEAMWORK: Curtain Wall can be edited without reserving it.
- 113479 TEAMWORK: Curtain Wall can be labeled without reserving it.
- 112435 TEAMWORK: Dimension is misplaced after user leaves and rejoins the project.
- 104048 TEAMWORK: hotlinks with SEOs and "skip nested" files are not updated.
- 102750 TEAMWORK: Leaving a project does not release library objects reserved for script editing.
- 113813 TEAMWORK: Loading favorites on one client ArchiCAD and then doing a Send & Receive can cause Receive error.
- 113004 TEAMWORK: On the "Server Activity" tab in the BIM Server Manager, the memory usage is displayed incorrectly.
- 108192 TEAMWORK: Passwords with "&" character are invalid on BIM Servers running on 64-bit Windows operating systems.
- 113995 TEAMWORK: Identically named BIM Libraries (from different servers) can confuse library manager.
- 112357 TEAMWORK: AC crashes when sharing the file as specified in Interactive Training Guide.
- 112395 TEAMWORK: Support Package cannot be created after "project has not been shared yet" message.
- 112954 TEAMWORK: Teamwork status will be offline if the user password contains national characters.

Bugs fixed in optional Graphisoft Add-Ons:

- 111567 CINEMA4D: some AC materials are transparent, after sending to AC from C4D.
- 104148 CINEMA4D: rounded objects send to C4D lose their smoothness.
- 111564 ECODESIGNER: Incorrect district cooling efficiency value.
- 112781 ECODESIGNER: The texts "Riscaldamento muniCENZURAle" and "Raffrescamento muniCENZURAle" do not fit in the table cells of the evaluation report.
- 111806 ECODESIGNER: Under certain circumstances, changing the percentage of a Fuel Source makes ArchiCAD crash.
- 100950 GOOGLE EARTH CONNECTION: Can't place Google Earth snapshot with version 5.1.
- 107625 GOOGLE EARTH CONNECTION: On Windows, wrong size of Add-On is displayed in Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs.
- 113112 VBE: In some localized versions on Mac OS the VBE dialog displays incorrect characters, which also affect the resulting VBE file.

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