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Data: 14 Lipiec 2011
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Apple iOS 5 Beta 2
Apple iOS 5 Beta 2

Apple iOS 5 Beta 2 | 6.73 GB

New version of mobile operating system, Apple has the best achievements of their competitors and made them even more convenient. This, of course, refers to the new notification system and integration into Twitter. However, other innovations have been at least surprising. We waited for some functions, but others have - even more interesting.
Changes in iOS Beta-2:
- Attention! To install the firmware needed iTunes 10.5 beta 2!

- Also UDID your device must be registered in the lists of the developers!
- In any case not be put on the device unlocked!
- Failure to follow these rules - you get a "brick"!
What is the firmware for a devaysa
- iPhone 4 - iPhone3, 1_5.0_9A5248d_Restore
- iPhone 4 CDMA - iPhone3, 3_5.0_9A5248d_Restore
- iPhone 3GS - iPhone2, 1_5.0_9A5248d_Restore
- iPad - iPad1, 1_5.0_9A5248d_Restore
- iPad 2 Wi-Fi - iPad2, 1_5.0_9A5248d_Restore
- iPad 2 Wi-Fi +3 G - iPad2, 2_5.0_9A5248d_Restore
- iPad 2 CDMA - iPad2, 3_5.0_9A5248d_Restore
- iPod Touch 3G - iPod3, 1_5.0_9A5248d_Restore
- iPod Touch 4G - iPod4, 1_5.0_9A5248d_Restore
- Save for possible downgrade SHSH.
- Make a backup device tchoby not lose data.
- Download the firmware from your hand devaysa. (To download a separate file with the distribution, you need a torrent client to leave the checkbox only for this file. Ticks from all the other files should be removed.)
- Connect the device to your computer and open iTunes.
- Click LMB on the name of the device in the left column in the dialog box, right click the "Restore" button while holding ?Shift? (?Alt? for Mac OS).
- Specify the path to the downloaded firmware to upload to your devaysa. If the installation kicks errors, read here how to treat.
Developer: Apple Inc.
A family of operating systems: OS X / Darwin / NeXTSTEP / BSD
Source code: Private (with free components)
Release Date: June 24, 2011
Firmware Version: 5.0 Beta 2 / 9A5248d
Update method: With iTunes 10.5 beta 2
Language: 33 languages, including English, Russian, German, etc.
Compatible Devices: iPhone 3GS/4/4Verizon; iPod Touch 3G/4G; iPad / iPad 2

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