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Data: 25 Maj 2011
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Acapela 2011 AIO
Acapela 2011 AIO

Acapela 2011 AIO (5 in 1)
2011 | Multi | 564 MB

Text-to-speech engine or engines of speech synthesis - a program made in the form of system drivers, designed to convert text into speech. Speech synthesis engines have an external interface, so that your computer is talking, not only install the engine. To use the engine program is needed speech synthesis (TextAloud, Cool Reader, Balabolka etc), which acts as the interface allows you to work with the engine, change its settings, the sound of speech, use additional features

Voice engine designed to make reading text files (electronic books) convenient and comfortable. Why is this important? Reading HTML of pages, documentation, or mail differs from reading e-books. Reading of books demands much more time. Therefore, the load on the eyes is much stronger. Furthermore, reading is usually a continuous process. While during reading HTML of pages, reading constantly alternates with a short rest. This means that for reading books should create more comfortable conditions. Otherwise eyes will quickly get tired and there is a serious risk of impair their vision.

In AIO includes:

Voice engine Alain
Company Acapela developers of the popular Russian-speaking voice module Nicholas, have released a new Russian, female voice engine, which was named Alain, works on SAPI-5 with a frequency of 22 kHz, the quality of synthesized speech is far ahead of Alain Nicolas, voice and intonation by users more pleasant than Caterina in the engine from ScanSoft RealSpeak.

Acapela Elan Nicolai
Nick - a bit out of date version.
Voice engine Acapela ELAN Tempo Multimedia V5.1.0.0 Russian

Loquendo (Olga)
The first Russian voice from Loquendo

ScanSoft RealSpeak (Katerina)
Superb text-to-speech engine from the creators of the famous Dragon NaturallySpeaking, just not knowing how concentrated I guess work - and this was reflected in the overall level of product. Electronic characters speak almost naturally, and if not for the weak effect of strain of speech, sometimes "pop" on long sentences, they could well be mistaken for living people. That's what a solid vocabulary and phonemes of stock! Languages ??are also supported by more than enough - as much as 21 (!), Even including such exotic as Chinese, Norwegian and Korean. Russian before a female voice, "Mrs.", and it works no worse than their foreign counterparts and provides really excellent voice quality.

Digalo (Nicolai) Speech API 4.0
Govorilka need someone who loves to listen to the text than to read them from the monitor screen or protects your eyesight and wanted to read the texts of e-books sitting away from the monitor, who wants to learn how to sound words and phrases in a foreign language. Govorilka want everyone who wants to teach your computer to speak and who are just curious to know how it all works

Additional features:
change in reading speed and pitch of the voice, opening large files in DOS and Windows charset, as well as read text files from MS Word; zapic speech in an audio file (wav or mp3); automatic scrolling text on the screen to always be visible readable piece, reading text which is in the clipboard, the ability to change the pronunciation (the dictionary).

System requirements:
CPU: P4 233 MHz or higher
RAM: 64 MB or more
HDD: 1 GB or more
AUDIO: PC Sound Card

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