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Autor: presenter
Data: 16 Luty 2011
Kategoria: PROGRAMY » Pozostałe

e frontier Poser 7 (Eng)

e frontier Poser 7
Eng | 1,7 GB | 2006

Version: 7.0
Operating system: Win
Official site:

Poser 7 - 3D-modeling software and animation, which is released by e frontier. This application was first released in 1995, is widely used by artists, illustrators and animators worldwide. In Poser 7 added two new three-dimensional models of the human body ("Sydney" and "Simon"), and the version of Poser 7 Special Edition includes additional content - the possibilities of fashion design, a complete casino scene with all the details, a sports car and more.
According to Director of Product Development Uli Klumpp, this version should be most important for more than a decade of product yield. During these years, Poser has become not just a tool for 3D-specialists, but rather a widely used component of the workflow for graphic artists, illustrators, hobbyists and animators.
With Poser, you can create static images and animations quickly create files for publishing on the Web, print and video projects. You can also export Poser figures as 3D-objects for use in other applications of three-dimensional modeling. You can realistically set their figures and scenes, imposing portrait photos to create realistic portraits, creating hairstyles, dynamic garments.

Main features:
- Hardware OpenGL acceleration improves performance when the location of figures and a preliminary rendering. You can switch between rendering StreeD and OpenGL.

- Support for industrial rendering: Poser includes many new features that make it easier to work on the project and can continue to work while attending rendering. New features include a rendering of the comparative rendering RenderWipe, provisional podgruzku textures, reusable cards, etc., which displays the rendering process to a new level of efficiency.

- Production Frame (studio shot) displays the output ratio (Output Aspect Ratio) in the document window, so you can evaluate the final result is in the process.

- Area Rendering (rendering region): Rendering of a (partial rendering) allows you to see part of the final image, without rendering the entire document.

- Save the results of rendering: The latest results of rendering are stored, and x can be compared with RenderWipe.

- Reduced consumption of CPU time: Now you can use the options pre-loading textures and re-use of shadow maps to accelerate the rendering process.

- Image Based Lighting (IBL) - light images - allows you to use any image as a comprehensive source of light.

- Shadow Rendering Options (options rendering of shadows): The quality and location of the shadows critically affect the reliability of the finished image. Poser offers several new tools for realistic shadows.

- Ambient Occlusion (Occlusion volume) makes the figure look as if they are under natural light, enhancing the degree of realism. Occlusion darkens surfaces in the scene where the exposure light is blocked by other objects. This effect uses ray tracing to calculate the overlap volume of light other objects.

- Soft Raytraced Shadows (soft shadows) make it possible to take advantage of ray tracing in the formation of shadows.

- Shadow Catcher (capture shadows) allows you to render shadows regardless of the surfaces on which they fall. This allows you to transfer the shape and shade to any destination.

- Option to render Shadow Only (only shadows) can render only shadows.

- Configurable Smooth Shading (soft shading) can now be configured using smoothing groups and the angle of bend. Smooth Shading makes the rendering of folds between polygons, producing a smoother, rather than sharp edges.

e frontier Poser 7 (Eng)

Language: Eng
Size: 1,7 GB

To connect after downloading a file together, you simply unzip the start of any of the archives. WARNING! If at least one archive will be missed, the file does not connect!
Files on different servers - are used interchangeably. If for some reason could not download the package from one server, then you can download it from another.

Download links:

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