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Data: 16 Marzec 2009
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NetSupport Notify is a specially developed solution allowing instant and reliable delivery of notifications and alerts across a LAN or WAN to both Windows and Mac desktops. The philosophy of NetSupport Notify is to provide a simple and effective solution to allow administrators within an organisation to reliably deliver key notifications to all users across an enterprise without concern for network topology and to provide accurate records of message delivery and acknowledgement.

Key features:
» Support for Windows and Mac desktops, including Vista.
» Prioritise messages and alerts with clear and concise message types.
» Support for clickable URLs in alerts.
» Customise Alert and Font colours and include organisation logo in all notifications.
» Flexible Delivery Options - display for XX seconds, Require User Confirm, Auto Close after XX and so on.
» Supports unlimited number of connected user desktops.
» Central Audit log and detailed reporting of all messages sent, received and acknowledged.
» View full Alert History, View and amend current scheduled Alerts and export delivery results.
» Schedule routine Alerts to run weekly, daily or at fixed times or dates.
» Unique Security codes – limiting access to only authorised Agents and Consoles.
» Send Alerts directly from a Web Browser via the browser based notification template.
» Integrate within existing systems via the supplied browser based notification template and COM object.
» Send targeted alerts dynamically to selected departments or all computers.
» Agent configuration can be centrally managed via Active Directory (AD) policies or similar.
» Control ability to send alerts by Active Directory (AD) policy.
» Support for Terminal Server / Citrix clients.
» Notification gateway component included as standard for seamless and secure delivery of messages.
» Send alerts to one or multiple notification gateways simultaneously.
» Notification gateway redundancy support, allowing multiple gateways to be installed.
» Utilise the Notification gateway for existing NetSupport Manager clients.
» No need for router changes or support for broadcast UDP.
» Easy to install with MSI installer or by utilising supplied deployment utility or Active Directory.
» Available in a range of localised languages.

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