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Autor: leksema26
Data: 4 Listopad 2010

Avast! Internet Security 5.0.677 (Multi) (2010)

Avast! Internet Security 5.0.677 (Multi) (2010) | 57,4 MB

* Automatic protection against viruses and spyware
* Check for viruses of all sent and received messages
* Protection from infections spread through chat rooms
* Prevent attacks from malicious Web sites
* The ability to securely view suspicious Web sites or applications
* Block unauthorized access to personal information
* Protect your mailbox from spam
* Security in the background during network games
* OS Compatibility Windows XP, Vista and 7
* New user interface

Core antivirus and antispyware
The most advanced technology built into the kernel checks, provides reliable protection against viruses, spyware and other malicious software.
Protection against rootkits in real-time
The unique technology of protection "when accessing" automatically scans all kernel-mode drivers that are loaded by the operating system for signs of a rootkit. It can detect even unknown rootkits and stop them to carry out malicious actions.
The new isolated environment avast! Sandbox
Allows you to run programs that attackers can use (for example, web browsers), or suspicious executable files to a secure virtual environment avast! Sandbox. This isolated environment unique in the market supports both 32 - and 64-bit platforms.
Base avast! Community IQ
Most of the processed samples we received from sensors deployed in the Community Shield with modules of behavior and anti-rootkit. This is a unique source of data, which managed to create only thanks to the huge user base. On our servers, all collected samples are processed by several automated processes, and then only a small proportion require manual handling experts on the analysis of viruses.
The new emulator code
In the case of a suspicious executable file (the audit at the request or if access) avast! can emulate the code in the sandbox. The emulator code is used in two cases. Firstly it is used in common unpacking. Secondly, it is used in the core heuristics. Technically the emulation is performed using dynamic translation, which is much faster than traditional methods of emulation.
The new kernel heuristics
Since version 5.0 avast! includes a new kernel heuristics developed for the purpose of preventive detection of malicious software for which has not yet created definitions. Kernel heuristics can cover binary (executable) and script malware.
Detection of potentially unwanted software
Since version 5.0 avast! detects potentially unwanted software, such as tools for remote administration and commercial keyloggers. For such problems, you can configure custom rules (to implement the less disruptive actions).
Additional protection
Automatic firewall
The firewall allows you to manage incoming and outgoing traffic on your computer. Protection is provided through the use of heuristics and behavioral analysis, as well as the white list, which contains a known safe networking applications. For incoming traffic through the firewall has three adjustment options, depending on the type of connection.
The new integrated filter spam and fraudulent messages. He works as a plug-in for MS Outlook and as a general proxy POP3/IMAP4 for other mail clients.
Checker at boot
Allows you to scan your computer for viruses before you run the operating system and the activation of the virus (only for 32-bit operating systems).
Means of validating the command line
Allows you to run a check using the command line.
Awakening to verify
OS Microsoft Windows is derived from a sleep or hibernation to run scheduled scans, after which the system returns to standby mode.
Planned inspection
Allows you to choose the time and files to check.
New Intelligent checker avast! Intelligent Scanner
Reducing the number of mandatory audits of files up to 80% through the use of white list known safe applications. If the file is marked safe, it is not checked again until it will not change.
Shield of Conduct
Monitors the actions on your PC using a number of sensors (based on the file system, registry and network) and blocks suspicious behavior and notifies the user about it.
Study methods intruders in unprotected networks
Sensors avast! detect and track activity for suspicious files on selected computers, automatically sending the files to Virus Lab for further analysis.
Shield of the file system
Check open / executable files in real time.
Shield e-mail
Scans all incoming and outgoing messages for malicious software. For MS Outlook uses a special plug-in. Other email clients are protected by general proxy POP3/IMAP4/SMTP. In version 5 proxy server for the first time supports the verification of the flow of data through SSL (, ...)
Web Shield
Checks all the pages you view, and scans all files, pages and scripts java, downloaded from the Internet. Thanks to the intellectual flow test Intelligent Stream Scan this shield does not slow down browsing.
P2P Shield
Scan files downloaded using P2P-programs: ABC, Ares, Azureus, BearShare, Bit Torrent, BitComet, BitLord, BitPump, CZDC + +, Direct Connect, eDonkey, eMule, iDC + +, iMesh, Kazaa, Kceasy, LimeWire, Morpheus, Opera's DC + + , Overnet, Qtrax, Shareaza, SoulSeek, StrongDC + +, uTorrent, Vuze, WinMX, Winny2, Zultrax.
Shield Instant Messaging
Checks for files that are downloaded when you use instant messengers or "chat": AIM (AOL Instant Messenger), Gadu-Gadu, gaim / Pidgin, Google Talk, ICQ, IM2 Messenger, Infium, Miranda, mIRC, MSN / Windows Messenger, Odigo , PalTalk Messenger, Psi Jabber Client, QIP, QQ, SIM, Skype, Tlen, Trillian, WengoPhone, XFire, Yahoo! Messenger.
Network Shield
Protects against network viruses. This module includes two main components: Blocking URL, which blocks the malicious URL (identified in the analysis of the Virus Lab), and a lightweight intrusion detection system.
Shield Script
Detects malicious scripts hidden in web pages, and prevents their execution, which can lead to the seizure of computer control or damage (only for Internet Explorer on 32-bit systems).
Intelligent update virus definitions
The system of incremental updates minimizes the file size of conventional upgrades.
The new Quick Apply updates
New virus definition file format in version avast! 5.0 increases download speed and reduces memory consumption and CPU, so it does not create interference when performing other tasks the computer.
The new format used for virus definition file, to speed up the process of updating, and reduce the load on memory and CPU, resulting in uninterrupted operation of the computer.
Game Mode
New Auto / game mode
New Auto / game mode automatically determines the activity of full-screen applications and disable pop-up and other on-screen notice, without compromising security.
Optimized for latest Intel Core i7
Critical components of the code scan engine avast! optimized to provide unmatched performance in systems with the latest models of processor Intel.
Optimizing CPU Performance
A new optimization of multi-test
Product avast! runs faster on the new multicore processors. A new feature avast! allows to divide the processing of individual large files between multiple cores that can accelerate the verification process.
"Green" Computer
Reduced use of hard disk resource reduces power consumption.
avast! iTrack
Generated in real-time graphical reports on the audit.
A completely new graphical user interface
Easy navigation through the graphical interface.
Automatic processing
Infected files are processed automatically without prompting the user's manual.

System requirements:
Platform: CPU Pentium 3, 128 MB RAM, 100 MB free hard disk space
Bit depth: 32bit +64 bit
Compatibility with Vista: complete
Compatible with Windows 7: complete
Language: Multi
Crack: Included
Year: 2010


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