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Autor: Zibert
Data: 17 Maj 2010
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SageTV Media Center 6.6

SageTV Media Center 6.6|51.1 MB

SageTV lets you enjoy your favorite TV shows and online video when you want, wherever you want on any TV, PC or Mac! Browse, search and watch all the latest online video from Google Video from the comfort of your couch with SageTV Media Center V6.
Enjoy the most popular online videos, news, movie trailers, TV shows, comedy, music videos and more at the push of a button on your remote control.

TV when you want
RecordSageTV makes it easy to browse or search for your favorite shows and record them so theyre ready for you to watch whenever you want. Record a whole season of shows at the press of a button!

TV wherever you want, wherever you are!
runnnig With a high speed internet connection and the optional SageTV Placeshifter for Windows or Mac you can enjoy your favorite shows wherever you are, whenever you need.

At your office work break
On the road in your hotel room
On your comfy chair, bed or sofa with wifi
Down in the laundry room

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