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Autor: Silver_S
Data: 6 Marzec 2011
Kategoria: PROGRAMY » Internet

Portrait Professional Studio v9.8.2

2011 | Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 | Eng. | 40 Мb

Portrait Professional Studio stand-alone and plug-in for Photoshop for processing of photographic portraits from the company Anthropics Technology. It supports a unique technology that povolit you to quickly address the underlying facial imperfections in the picture just a few clicks in a semi-automatic mode. The program eliminates wrinkles and blemishes, change the shape of the face, making full or skinny person in a more slender and, conversely, enhances facial features, making them more correct and attractive.

The results of the program are indeed impressive, especially considering that they are received within several minutes. Does not require any artistic skills for professional retouching portraits. Very nice program that allows high quality processing photographs, especially portraits. Moreover, no brushes, working with layers, and other difficulties, which handles only the advanced users of Photoshop. The work is simple and effective, especially for beginners. The program uses the principles of morphing varpinga. Four steps, separating the user from the raw material to high-quality photographs, clear and simple. The program interface is not overloaded and is complemented by pop-up prompts. Management features, fix blemishes, whiten teeth, sharpening the eyes, conservation projects and custom settings - this is only a small part of the program's features.

Key features:
• Free online support
• Smooth Skin
• Changing the shape of the face
• Ability to change the eye
• Ability to change the hair
• Ability to change the lip
• Manual retouching brush
• Picture Control
• Lighting Control
• The set of fully customizable presets
• Changes of more than one person in the photograph
• Reading and creating JPEG and TIFF
• Available as a plug-in Photoshop
• Reading with Camera RAW
Adobe (. Dng), Canon (. Crw. Cr2), Fuji (. Raf), Kodak (. Tif. Kdc. Dcr), Minolta (. Mrw), Nikon (. Nef), Olympus (. Orf), Pentax ( . ptx. pef), Sony (. arw. srf. sr2), Sigma (. x3f), Epson (. erf), Mamiya (. mef. mos), Panasonic (. raw), Phase One (. tif), Imacon (. fff)
• Reading the Adobe DNG format
• Reading and creating 16 bit TIFF
• Support changes in the various additive color model
• Support for setting monitor the working color space
• Support for JPEG and TIFF images embedded color profiles

From the release:
• New technology to improve ultranaturalnaya ClearSkin Ultra ® Skin
• New intelligent editing brush
• Multi-processor support
• New support for photos
• Available as a plugin to Photoshop
• Many other improvements

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