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Data: 13 Sierpień 2011

Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner (2007/PSP/ENG)

During far times people and monsters coexisted together, but Ťthe Great Cataclysmť has finished this peace epoch. The world has considerably changed, all terrestrial monsters have disappeared at a time, having ground the energy and force in special magic stones. This energy has received name Jewel Power and became for survived a way to civilization revival.

For some time for the Earth the world again was established, but Mysterious forces have set free the great threat capable again to ruin the whole world. For opposition to this threat the special Award, training special magicians – Jewel Summoner’îâ has been created, capable to call monsters from Stones and to use them in fight. You should become one of adherents of this award and to resist to Great Harm!

The Name: Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner
Genres: JRPG
Interface Language: English
Year of release: 2007
the Developer: Gaia
the Publisher: Atlus Co., Ltd.
the Size of a file: 315.91 Mb
the Insertion: OFW 6.3x
the Platform: PSP

Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner (2007/PSP/ENG)Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner (2007/PSP/ENG)

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