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Autor: viip
Data: 12 Sierpień 2011
Zombie Racers (2011/PSP/ENG)

Take the best Racers of the Zombie in this automobile zombie fornication-feste.

two modes of game will be offered you:
- the History Mode: race and the zombie of murder, use murders of the zombie to modernise your car, be on the first place to open the following track.
- free mode: ďîĺçćŕéňĺ somewhere, use the weapon on the zombie, compete in three new modes of game, Dusk To Dawn, 666 Zombies and Every Last Drop.
- Open new cars and tracks.
- 10 cars, from pickups and äćčďë 4?4s, to äđčôňîâűő cars and even the cart for golf.
- 14 tracks, from wood and field, to the airport and shopping centre.
- Music from film Bankrupt.

The Name: Zombie Racers
Genres: Racing
Interface Language: English
Year of release: 2011
the Developer: BigHeadGames
the Publisher: BigHeadGames
the Size of file: 64.91 Mb
the Insertion: All Gen All m33 All Prometheus
the Platform: PSP

Zombie Racers (2011/PSP/ENG)Zombie Racers (2011/PSP/ENG)Zombie Racers (2011/PSP/ENG)

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