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Autor: viip
Data: 9 Sierpień 2011

Castle Rustle (2011/PSP/ENG)

In the country Karamelnoj there have come hard times — the malicious sorcerer transforms happy and kind inhabitants into awful monsters who eat all on the way. Before the player it is necessary to organize a problem defense of the native land by system construction ęŕđŕěĺëüíűő towers. At each level there is Karamelnyj the lock and places where there are malicious monsters. It is possible to remove a spell from monsters, having fed to satiety sweets.

The Name: Castle Rustle
Genres: RTS
Interface Language: English
Year of release: 2011
the Developer: Burut Creative Team
the Publisher: GFI
the Size of a file: 153.87 Mb
the Platform: PSP

Castle Rustle (2011/PSP/ENG) Castle Rustle (2011/PSP/ENG) Castle Rustle (2011/PSP/ENG)

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