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Autor: viip
Data: 8 Listopad 2011
Dance Dance Revolution 2 (2011/Wii/ENG)

This game ˙âë˙ĺňüń˙ both musical, and dancing. Combine entertainments - Music, Movements, Dances, Competitions. Game includes to 80 best dancing tracks are the hottest dancing hits. To begin with äŕ¸ňüń˙ only 21 track, it will be necessary to open the others passage. In this game gamers of any age and qualification because of simplicity of management can play. As čěĺĺňüń˙ a new mode of game - Doubleplay where you can dance simultaneously on two floor-mats.

The Name: Dance Dance Revolution 2
Genres: Rhythm / Dancing
Interface Language: English
Year of release: 2011
The Developer: Konami
The Publisher: Konami
The Size of a file: 3.92 Gb
The Platform: Wii

Dance Dance Revolution 2 (2011/Wii/ENG)Dance Dance Revolution 2 (2011/Wii/ENG)Dance Dance Revolution 2 (2011/Wii/ENG)

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