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Autor: Zibert
Data: 16 Październik 2010
Kategoria: GRY » Gry na PC

[PC] Pirates of the Caribbean - ENG

[PC] Pirates of the Caribbean - ENG | 657 MB | 252 MB Links

Enter a world that captures the romance of the 17th century upon the Caribbean. Players captain their own ship and have the opportunity to live the life of a pirate. Play as captain of a squadron for one of the European powers, a bloodthirst pirate, a peaceful and profitable merchant, or a fearless bounty hunter.

The game world of "Pirates of the Caribbean" consists of numerous islands that are a continuation of the Greater Antilles to the south. There are colonies on most of the islands belonging to five European powers - England, France, Spain, Portugal and Holland. The majority of the colonies are guarded by forts and represent large port towns. Various buildings such as taverns, stores, shipyards, churches and town halls can be encountered in these towns. Players will interact with all sorts of people commonly found in ports - sailors and merchants, guards and common citizens, smugglers and officers, prostitutes and drunks. Any of these people will chat with the player's character, give them information and quests, and take part in intrigues and adventures.
The fun doesn't end on land. The player can sail a ship throughout the game world of "Pirates of the Caribbean". In-game, they will encounter all forms of sea weather, from dead calm to ten-point storms mixed with lightning and thunder. While sailing, a player could even run straight in to the path of a powerful tropical hurricane.
Since the player's character isn't the only one in the world who plies the seas, in their voyages they can meet merchant ships sailing profitable trading routes, military patrols guarding the colonies and bloodthirsty pirates roaming the seas in search of loot. Any one of these vessels could prove dangerous and become a player's enemies.
To add some life to in-game play, some specimens of tropical sea fauna will be inserted into the sea landscapes. During their travels, players will see seagulls, sharks, dolphins and other natural sea wonders.
In game, there will be five European powers represented in the Caribbean basin. These powers are England, Spain, France, Portugal and Holland.
Spain lost most of its possessions in the archipelago. The Spanish empire is falling apart after the crushing defeat of the Great Armada. These days, Spain is just trying to keep the colonies it had conquered in the past.
In contrast, England has begun an aggressive expansion policy and is seeking every opportunity to lop off a piece of colonial territory from other countries.
France also looks to enlarge its colonial territory. Its presence in the archipelago rivals England and presses weakened Spain.
Portugal and Holland lay emphasis not on capturing new territories, but rather on expansion and strengthening of trade. They have only a few colonies in the archipelago, but these colonies are wealthy and developed.
Islands in the game will be realized in two different ways; sailing and walking modes. In the first case, islands are textured, 3D models with an offshore zone of mooring. In the second a generated landscape enables the player character to move on foot and meet various game objects.
As previously stated, most islands have towns on them. Forts guard many of the towns. A player can only enter if the nation the settlement belongs to is friendly to them orif they have captured the protecting fort.
This massive and multi-faceted world will embrace the player, plunging them into a whirlpool of fascinating and exceptional sea adventures.

- Mix of two independent game modes, each with its own gameplay. Valuable fusion of role-playing game and sailing ship simulator.
- Spacious game world full of pirates and sea romance.
- Staggering graphics from the Storm 2 game engine, able to precisely imitate sea scenery, tropical landscapes and colonial towns, including weather and lightning effects.
- Use of skeletal animation and motion capture for giving life to more than 150 game characters.
- Selection of two main heroes, each of them has its own way to finish the game.
- Over 30 historically accurate sailing ships for players to steer. Six different varieties of cannon can be installed onto these ships.
- Quest generation system, giving players a chance to continue the game even after completion of the main story line.
- Ability to join NPCs to the player character and create a game party; manage the NPC's evolution, along with their ships and crews.
- A chance to take part in large-scale naval battles. Player gives orders to their allies and companions, but can also sink and board enemy ships alone. If the player has an overwhelming advantage, the enemy may surrender.
- Ability to moor on any shore if the landscape doesn't prevent the ship from drawing near. Travel in the primeval jungles of tropical islands, where landscape is generated. Hidden "secret" locations can be discovered on the islands outside towns.
- Siege colonies to ransack them and load your holds with precious loot.
- Massive melee combats with numerous people taking action in it. Boarding, fort sieges and simply street scuffles can occur any time. Ability to use cold steel and firearms in melee combats. Ability to replenish player's crew, taking surrendered enemies into the player's crew.
- Ability to take captives and slaves in boarding and fort sieges, in order to improve profits with ransoms and slave trade.
- Abilityto blockade islands and sea routes that could weaken an island fortgarrison or the arrival of a punitive squadron.
- Ability to sneak into a hostile town to complete a given quest. Ability to smuggle goods and sell them for higher prices. Or be caught by the guards... and killed!
- Player character can obtain items, which affect their parameters and abilities.

If you like this game,please buy it license version!support developers;)

[PC] Pirates of the Caribbean - ENG

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