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Autor: Zibert
Data: 10 Sierpień 2010
Kategoria: GRY » Gry na PC

[PC] Gorky Zero Beyond Honor - ENG

[PC] Gorky Zero Beyond Honor - ENG | 294 MB

It's the dawn of the new millennium. Lieutenant Cole Sullivan is on a mission that starts like the countless ordinary ones before.
But this time, nothing seems to go according to the rules.
Based on intelligence reports out of the former Soviet Union, rumors are spreading that a mysterious and dangerous sect can deprive people of their own personality and turn them into obedient human robots.
NATO officials decide to take action against this operation which is lead by an ex-Russian major named Trafimov. The man commands a terrorist organization called Brotherhood of Redemption in the Ukraine. Before Special Forces got a chance to do anything Trafimov was found dead with two bullets in his head.

Thorough investigation brought to light evidence that the technology Trafimov used to turn people into objects devoid of human will was developed in a supposedly harmless research facility. The European Union secret council decides that there is no time for official action. General Evan McCormick, Special Forces commander briefs his best man to finally make this delicate mission a success.

After infiltrating a secret laboratory, formerly used by Soviet military research, and set on the task to destroy the operations there, Cole Sullivan discovers more and more of the real truth behind his mission. The evidence he uncovers tells a story that is different from the version he is being told by his superiors. Survival now comes down to trust.

Gorky Zero--Beyond Honor is a sneak'em-up action game. The player is set the task of unraveling the twisted plot and uncovering the secrets hidden beneath the surface of the secret laboratories. He is on a mission using hi-tech electronic equipment and he needs to employ all his tactical combat and stealth skills to succeed in a hostile environment.

Product Features

- Tactical Stealth Action at its best.
- 3 Difficulty levels and diverse ways to solve the game
- Different camera perspectives – Isometric view and 3rd person
- Unique and extremely user friendly interface
- A variety of different weapons available
- Discover secret areas compare your performance with the rating system

This is an old file and the cue file seems to be damaged(or something) but the bin file works perfectly you just have to select show all file types in daemon tools when mounting the image or it won't show you the bin file just the cue file.

Install notes
2.Mount the Image
3.Install game and copy over the crack



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