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Data: 13 Maj 2010
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Far Cry ver 1.4 (2004/PC/RePack/RUS)

[B] Name: [/ b] Far Cry ver 1.4
[B] Genre: [/ b] Action
[B] Interface Language: [/ b] Russian
[B] Year: [/ b] 2004
[B] Developer: [/ b] Crytek
[B] Publisher: [/ b] Ubisoft
[B] Size: [/ b] 2.44 Gb
[B] Platform: [/ b] PC

You - Jack Carver, the owner of a small charter companies rent out a boat in a tropical country of Micronesia. Your dark past is left behind, and the future promises only fun - you get a job to accompany a young ambitious journalist Valerie Constantine to the island Kabat. At first glance, the work - straightforward manner, but soon you realize that heaven at any moment can turn into hell.

- An unprecedented tactical skill enemies
- Intense missions with nonlinear passage
- Breathtaking Atmosphere
- Absolute editability anything and everything

[B] Features repaka: [/ b]
-Do not cut / no recoded into a smaller bitrate (repacked license)
Game-patched to version 1.4
-Installation time - 10 minutes
-Installing additional. ON: DirectX
-By R. G. Spieler

[B] Characteristics patch 1.4: [/ b]
-Added remakes of maps for the regime Assault;
-Fixed a security hole;
-Added support for joysticks;

[B] System Requirements: [/ b]
-AMD Athlon / Pentium III 1 GHz
-256 MB RAM * DirectX 9.0b or higher
-Windows 98SE/2000/XP (only)
-Video 128 MB

Far Cry ver 1.4 (2004/PC/RePack/RUS)

Far Cry ver 1.4 (2004/PC/RePack/RUS)

Far Cry ver 1.4 (2004/PC/RePack/RUS)

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