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Anthology of Duke Nukem (1991-2011/MULTI2/RePack by LEXYS)

Anthology of Duke Nukem (1991-2011/MULTI2/RePack by LEXYS)

Anthology of Duke Nukem (1991-2011/MULTI2/RePack by LEXYS)
Year: 1991-2011 | Eng, Rus | PC | Developer: Apogee/3D Realms Entertainment | Publisher: 2K Games | 2.89 Gb
Genre: Arcade / Action

Duke Nukem: Episode 1: Shrapnel City
The first part of a great action movie series about Duke'a Nukem'a, formerly also known under the name Nukum.
Nuke struggles against the evil robots and other mischief created by an evil genius.

Duke Nukem: Episode 2: Mission: Moonbase
Dr. Proton went to the moon to make it their plany.Duke sent him.

Duke Nukem: Episode 3: Trapped in the Future
At this time Duka'a sent to the future, until the evil Proton happy chaos in the present.

Duke Nukem 2
Second, the names of rightfully Duke Nukem'a distinguished primarily by the graphics. Also changed syuzhet.Teper Duke struggles with aliens. Appeared choice of levels, a large variety of enemies, weapons and equipment.

Duke Nukem 3D
Best action games of the hero, the essence of a Hollywood superman, steel-haired muscular guy tsedyaschy cool phrases through the snow-white teeth. This is Duke, is the last hope of humanity.

Throughout the many levels it will be interesting to shoot a dozen species of deadly umirotvorteley humanoid boar, nightmarish jellyfish and dog-nerds, not for one second without departing from the style, and do not forget to get acquainted with all the girls on the road. And then splyunet, taking a couple of clips and go to the moon to finally have to deal with the unseemly monsters, brazen killing, raping and zhruschimi all living things in its path.

Duke Nukem Manhattan Project
The good old Duke served us in style at least the good old Contra games. The idea remains the same, looking for keys, kill porcine and not just aliens, saving the girls with an impressive square. We have to be a decent arsenal. Sometimes it will be necessary to solve logic puzzles unpretentious.

Duke Nukem - Forever (2011)
Wear sunglasses and get ready to become Duke Nyukemom - the most reckless and desperate character in the whole world, who is remembered even after many years after the crimes he exploits. World hordes of alien invaders overran, and so, Duke is back! No cops, pigs, or sizzling beam of all living aliens, or giant boss will not prevent muscular blond save the world, to protect the beauties and stay with the coolest asshole in the world.
To kick ass to all those who doubted its superiority, Duke impressive arsenal of firearms in store toys. Adrenaline going wild and unprecedented interactivity are waiting for you in the world Nyukema, where you can do whatever they want. Play basketball, to shake his iron, look through magazines for adults - choose something to do. Maybe should just take a can of paint and painted on something obscene on the nearest wall? Duke knows how to have fun in between destroying hordes of aliens. And yet there is a crowd cuties that (who would doubt it?) Only dream of masculine blond.

Features RePack:
Duke Nukem 1-3:
All games and add-ons run through Dosbox 0.74 and
smoothed Glide 0.96.

Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition + Polymer 5:
Polymer HRP v5.0 (textures and models of high quality)
Roland SC-55 Music Pack v2.0 (sound quality)
XXX Pack v1.32 (Nude girl instead of a bikini. Optional installation!)

Duke Nukem Manhattan Project
Full English version.
Ability to establish sound and crack interface.

Duke Nukem - Forever
Full English version.
Ability to establish sound and crack interface.
Cut out credits and demo.

Install and run:
1. Select the desired game

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