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Data: 13 Luty 2011
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Fallout 3 Global MOD Pack v.2.0 FINAL (2011/MOD/ADDON)

Fallout 3 Global MOD Pack v.2.0 FINAL
2011 | MOD | ADDON | 7.06 GB

Now, before your final, finished version of the Renaissance 3. That such a project, what the developer wanted to do it initially. According to the publisher he sincerely hoped that did not just another collection of different mods, hodgepodge, and truly holistic, original and unique project, which could cause some people to remember what they are tender and treasured in my heart, revive it and give a new look .

From the author:
One year and eight months. So much time has passed since I started the development of Renaissance 3. I worked alone, without a team, and only at the last stage, one man began to help me.
All I had - it's idea and desire to regain the atmosphere in the world of Fallout 3. And, heck, after all this time, I'm living my dream a reality! Miraculously, I was able to create the one perfect Fallout for your perception. It was a personal challenge. Here it is, the final release of my project-Dreams.

- New, enhanced graphics with the simulation of DirectX 10 and 11 technologies. New shaders. Reworked all the visual effects. The new system of dynamic lighting. Parallax Mapping, Motion Blur, Depth of Field, Full HDR, Advanced Specular Mapping, high dynamic contrast system. Volume effects of smoke, fog, dust, lighting, including sunlight.
- Manually processed thousands of textures (90 percents) - photorealistic, many restored the image of classical pieces, with hand-drawn Bump-maps. All in very high resolutions.
- A new system of weather and lighting - 3 weather cycle - a hot day in the desert and the cold night, the bulk sand storm and a unique classic post-nuclear gloomy weather, with a simulation of 256 colors and high contrast. Each cycle has its own sunsets, sunrises, night and day. Capital Wasteland, is now really wasteland. Completely reworked lighting in confined locations, interiors. Virtually every location is visually processed by bit, by hand, for maximum effect. They have become much more realistic in the style of the general atmosphere more gloomy, mysterious and desolate, as they should look like 200 years after a nuclear war.
- New music system with adaptive technology. Removed all the original background music, added a huge number of new, all the classic tracks of Mark Morgan of F1-2, a new dynamic battle music, as well as all the music from ŤFallout: New Vegasť Aynona Zura - I think it's really remarkable, and in subjects older fouls.
- The new sound effects - Hundreds of classic sound in excellent quality, including shots and an interface, a new wonderful system of circles Ambient-sounds in real time in a standard 5.1
- Completely redesigned gameplay. Reworked the entire balance of the system SPECIAL, skills, gain experience, level rise, all the articles of arms, armor and NPC, Action Points and Hit Points, Maximum Weight System VATS Maximum approximation to F1-2. The new camera from the third person, more convenient, scalable, and with the possibility of a classical type of "Isometrics".
- Added all the classic weapons, many types of armor, as well as mutants - Supermutants, Guli, Radskorpiony, Ants, Smertokogty and others.
- Reworked Spawn NPC and monsters. Dynamic random encounters in real time. Simulating real life in the wasteland - now you're not alone.
- New realistic physics system of calculation is much better than the original. Behavior of objects, the shock waves from explosions, falls and slides, as well as more realistic and bloody death animations, in real time and in the VATS
- Classic interface, HUD and PipBoy - two choices.
-Restored classic, completely turn-based battles with a free "isometric" camera.

The options are:
- Classic Fallout Reborn
- Wasteland Radio
- Enclave Commander
- Dynamic Weather and Graphics
- Classic Balance
- Classic pipboy 2000 model
- The Classic Font and Color
- Co-op 2 players
- Completely turn-based battles
- Desert Hot Weather and Graphics
- Standard Weather and Graphics
- Hardcore mode
- Patch with plasma
- Komiks1 (gif)
- Komiks2 (jpg)
- Vozrozhdenie3 V2 Oblozhka.jpg
- Vozrozhdenie3Treyler.wmv
- Dead Samarityanin.doc
- Why I hate Fallout2.doc
- Quotes developers Fallout.doc

Ext. Information:
- ON THE GOLD EDITION from 1C (from 2010) - do not check, but in theory - should work.
- Discs are autorun - they long to be loaded, I apologize - for "it"; installer Fully working - just need to wait a few minutes))).
- No more will be!. This - the final version of the Projects. And so it is quite stable. And if some of the missions is, they intentionally left so as not to throw out of fashion, along with them, and some part of it.
- The mod is designed to play only at the maximum. At the min / media. possible bugs with the graph. On the system, as described in hand ("it" - my computer, which was made all the modes) you can play normally, at least occasionally, and with the brakes.

How to change the angle?:
- Open the "console" (key "E")
- Writing: FOV (blank) NUMBER
- Click: "ENTER"
- Close the "console"

How to turn on the flashlight?:
- Key "B" (default)
- In the early game (up to - "escape from the Asylum") flashlight - will not work!


Minimum system requirements:
o Operating system: Windows XP / VISTA / Seven
o Processor: Intel Pentium Dual CPU E2180 2 GHz
o Memory: 2048 Mb DDR2 RAM
o Video card: GeForce 8800 GTS 512 Mb
o Sound: Sound card compatible with DirectX 9.0c

Fallout 3 Global MOD Pack v.2.0 FINAL (2011/MOD/ADDON)

Fallout 3 Global MOD Pack v.2.0 FINAL (2011/MOD/ADDON)

Fallout 3 Global MOD Pack v.2.0 FINAL (2011/MOD/ADDON)

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