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Autor: tanya-j
Data: 18 Grudzień 2010
Kategoria: GRY » Gry na PC

Borderlands + 4 DLC (2010/RUS/ENG)

Borderlands + 4 DLC
Language: Eng
Year: 2010 | Platform: PC | Developer: Gearbox Software | Publisher: 2 k Games | Size: 6.9 GB
Genre: Action (Shooter)/3D/1st Person

The project brings together elements from first-person shooter, racing action and classic role-playing games.
Action takes place on a deserted planet Pandore, sparsely populated, where laws are written every day — through weapons. All of the local population is concentrated on small outposts along the border territories belonging to the people, known as the Border lands. The only attraction at Pandore, mysterious Store that hides innumerable treasures, supposedly hidden extraterrestrial civilizations many representatives of highly developed centuries ago.

Soldiers or Hunter, siren or Berserker is selecting one of the four characters, each with unique skills, the player to go in search of a store. You can try to reach the treasure alone, but it is better to find allies to fight them shoulder to shoulder. .

Description: DLC
The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned. Addon to original Borderlands. In the original game added new quests, weapons, locations and characters. We will acquaint with Dr. Ned (whose name is rendered in the header) to help cure people town Jakobs Cove from the virus, which draws people in. .. of course, zombies.
Claptrap's new Robot Revolution. Claptrap ’ s New Robot Revolution invites fans to single and cooperative games to take part in the revolt klaptrapy Pandore. Four heroes will be the civil war between peclet vooruzennymm troops Hyperion Corporation and deadly army klaptrapy, which is treacherous leader Ninja Assassin. As one of the four hunters asylum players will have to forget the old resentments at Hyperion Corporation (never mind that they are constantly trying to erase the heroes from the face of the Earth) and help fight master of Kung-Fu Ninja Assassin.
The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. Gearbox Software continues to actively expand planet Pandoru in Borderlands.
Third content pack for game is called The Secret Armory of General Knoxx and bounty hunters will give four mountains of new and exciting missions, which will be on open spaces of the immense levels established for pokatusek by car.
The fighters are expected to be a solid added vraz expands through the Zoo with the giant robot,
Arachnids and something else is the size of a three-storey house.
Is a new piece of content on the fighters doross at least 34 2nd level.
Moxxis Underdome Riot Mad. Borderlands Mad Moxxi: Underdome Riot ’ s suitable for single and cooperative. Addition to the game world priplusuet three new arenas for Riot Mode in which you want to suppress the mob brutally dangerous monsters, collecting their ammunition. According to MTV Multiplayer, only one of these locations may take up to six hours. In addition, add-on brings into play to increase the maximum threshold on the number of stored items, and the ability to get two bonus points skill points as a prize for the jobs that would provide additional possibilities for pumping.

Borderlands + 4 DLC (2010/RUS/ENG)

Borderlands + 4 DLC (2010/RUS/ENG)

Borderlands + 4 DLC (2010/RUS/ENG)

Borderlands + 4 DLC (2010/RUS/ENG)

System requirements:
Operating system: XP, Vista, 7
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 Ghz/AMD Athlon x 2.2.2 Ghz
RAM: 1 GB (2 GB for Windows Vista)
Video: Nvidia GeForce 8800GTS/ATI Radeon HD 3850
Disk space: 12 GB
Sound: the sound device that is compatible with DirectX 9.0 c

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