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Data: 17 Maj 2010
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Automotive Wolf 4.49.993 - key

Automotive Wolf 4.49.993 - key|18,41 MB

The Original Award Winning Car Care Software that helps you keep your vehicle in top running condition and avoid repairs. It's designed for the average family car owner, backyard mechanic or any car enthusiast! Now keeping track of your vehicle maintenance and expenses is easy.... it will remind you when maintenance is due, track all your operating costs and help you to save money by avoiding costly repairs. The intuitive graphical interface will have you using the software like a pro in minutes...its simply the BEST investment you can make in your vehicle!

The Top Ten Reasons to Track Vehicle Maintenance with Automotive Wolf:
- Saves you money! : Helps you avoid costly repairs and the "downtime" required when your vehicle needs repairs.
- Warranty Compliance: To comply with your manufacturers maintenance schedule required by your warranty and be able to prove it!
- Maximizes Resale Value: Good maintenance records maximize the resale value of your vehicle.
- Extends Vehicle Life: Simply staying Up-to-Date on your car maintenance will increase the life of your vehicle and minimize the "headaches" involved with constant repairs.
- Improved Reliability: Tracking your vehicle maintenance allows you to schedule reminders when service is due. This results in a better running vehicle and greater reliability.
- Scam Avoidance: Helps you to avoid common scams, unnecessary maintenance and overpriced dealer service plans from some service shops.
- Cost Awareness and Comparison: Keeping a detailed maintenance and repair history for each vehicle you own allows Automotive Wolf to provide an in-depth analysis of your Operating Costs. You can compare what it costs you to drive and maintain each vehicle you own.
- Increased Knowledge: The knowledge you gain from being aware of your cars maintenance requirements will ultimately save you money!
- Maintain it like a "PRO": You don't need to be an ASE certified mechanic to keep your car in great running condition. Simply follow Automotive Wolf's advice and recommendations and you will be able to maintain any vehicle like a PRO.
- Ease of Use : Automotive Wolf's gauges let you monitor the overall status of your vehicle at a glance. Create a gauge to monitor any maintenance requirement and let it remind you when maintenance is due.

Quality vehicle maintenance software that's feature packed! One program that will handle all of your vehicles.

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