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Data: 16 Maj 2010
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Dune. Anthology of 5 in 1 (PC/ENG)

Dune. Anthology of 5 in 1 | 1.28 Gb
Genre: Strategy

The universe described efforts of Frank Herbert, was transferred to the virtual world efforts of Westwood Studios and every game, which was published since the PC became a hit, surpassing the success of its predecessor. Got to the point that the genre of "strategy" is associated only with only Dune. At the collector's collection includes all games in this series.

Developer: Westwood Studios and Intelligent Games
Publisher: Virgin
RELEASE: = sancopansoxddd =
Publication Type: pirates
Tablet: does not require

Features of release:
This book includes the following games:

Dune I
The game, which was the first strategy, which marked the beginning of an all-out "dyunomanii. As not even a pure strategy, it forced all fans of the genre for a long day disappear for adventure in his universe.

Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty
But it continued, has been a pure RTS. A developer could create a game that even today has to offer. Choose one of the three races that are trying to destroy the other two and set on the planet Dune domination. After controlling a valuable resource "Space" gives the right to control the whole universe!

Super Dune II: The Destruction
This game is a modified Dune 2 and will be interesting to those who have gone completely original way. There are no special features in the chart, but there is a change in the scenarios, the characteristics of units and gameplay. In the Battle for Dune is now part of three new home:
1) Mercenary - free hunter from the planet Arrakis.
2) Sardaukar - elite units of the emperor.
3) Fremen - Civilians from home Atreidies.
Remake of one of the major pioneers of the genre Real-Time Strategy - Westwood and Virgin, two years have made the continuation of Dune 2. In addition to the original mission there, and new and more complex tasks.

Dune 2000
The game is available three warring Houses: Atreydisy, Harkonnen, Ordos. The game was originally developed for the PC and later ported to the PlayStation. The game has a video screen saver before the mission with live actors.

Emperror. Battle for Dune
As before for the Imperial Throne of Dune fighting three different directions: Atreides, Harkonnen and Ordos. Only this time, everything happens on the larger territories, and ten times more beautiful graphics. Plus, over the years were not lost and for the progress of technology Dunes, which offer a future emperor (ie you) a lot of new units and technology.

System requirements:
- Operating system: Microsoft Ž 95/98/2000/XP
- Processor: with 200 MHz
- Memory: 64 MB
- Video card: GeForce 6600 class, ATI X1300, or above
- Free disk space: 3 GB
- Sound: DirectX 9.0c-compatible sound card
- Management: keyboard, mouse

Installation instructions:
Before installing disable the firewall (brendmauer) and antivirus and free up enough disk space on your hard drive.
1. Unzip the downloaded archive
2. Mount (unpacked from the archive) the image with Daemon Tools
3. Install game
4. Enjoy the game!

Download Dune. Anthology of 5 in 1 (PC/ENG):

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