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Autor: Lion29
Data: 12 Maj 2010
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IsoBuster Pro 2.8 Beta Build

IsoBuster Pro 2.8 Beta Build 5.62 Mb

IsoBuster - the program which helps you to get access to file system of CD/DVD-disk, passing Windows. IsoBuster it will be useful at restoration of data from CD/DVD if it is impossible to read files from operational system. The program works directly with sectors, paths and sessions of disks. Supported formats: CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA, CD-Text, D-i, VCD, SVCD, DVD and DVCD. IsoBuster can work with images of disks, convert files and give the information on a drive, even if it virtual.

Key features:
• Creation and opening standard image formats
• Scanning on presence of absent files and folders
• Superficial scanning on CD, DVD, BD and HD DVD disks
• Multilingual support
• Extraction from/in CD, DVD, BD and HD DVD disks
• Viewing of sectors on CD, DVD, BD and HD DVD disks
• Extraction of paths and sessions on CD, DVD, BD and HD DVD disks
• Support of virtual sessions in one physical session
• Extraction from (S) VCD, CD-i, ISO9660, Joliet, Rock Ridge, UDF file systems
• Extraction from HFS (+), IFO / VOB file systems
• Extraction and survey connected Mac files
• Extraction Mac of binary files
• Extraction of the files found on the basis of their signatures
• Extraction FAT (12 / 16 / 32) files.

Isobuster interprets CD image files, such as:
*.DAO (Duplicator), *.TAO (Duplicator), *.ISO (Nero, BlindRead, Creator), *.BIN (CDRWin), *.IMG (CloneCD), *.CCD (CloneCD), *.CIF (Creator), *.FCD (Uncompressed), *.NRG (Nero), *.GCD (Prassi), *.P01 (Toast), *.C2D (WinOnCD), *.CUE (CDRWin), *.CDI (DiscJuggler), *.CD (CD-i OptImage), *.GI (Prassi PrimoDVD), *.PXI (PlexTools), *.MDS (Alcohol), *.MDF (Alcohol), *.VC4 (Virtual CD), *.000 (Virtual CD), *.B5T (BlindWrite), *.B5I (BlindWrite), *.DMG (Apple Macintosh), *.IBP (IsoBuster), *.IBQ (IsoBuster), *.NCD (NTI).

Changes in IsoBuster 2.8 Beta:
* Plugin support for IsoBuster: Opening image files
* Plugin support for IsoBuster: Creating image files
* Installing and/or loading plugins via the GUI and command line parametres
* Support for multi-file CUE sheets AND PREGAP directive
* Wave file support when loading multi-file CUE sheets
* Support for *.RMG Image files
* Escape sequence in HFS support to deal with HFS bug so that certain HFS file-systems can still be found
* Add file-extensions only when no file extension is present yet for files in the HFS (+) file system
* Updated the HFS extensions database
* Workarounds for buggy ISO9660 file systems created by professional DVD mastering software (affecting commercial DVDs)
* Improved IFO/VOB file system finding in case of badly mastered Video DVDs
* Show layer break address
* Various other GUI improvements
* Fix so that CD-Text is shown again when present in a CDT file (associated to a CUE file)
* Fix so that the associated CDT file is also MD5'ed when the entire image file is MD5'ed
* HFS (+) Fix to find additional file extents (> 8) that are referenced from the Overflow file.
* Fixed possibly incorrectly reported size of VIDEO_TS.VOB in the IFO/VOB file system.

Name: IsoBuster Pro 2.8 Beta Build
Date of release: 2010
Platform: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Language: English/ML
Tablet: present
Size: 5.62 Mb

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