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Data: 6 Sierpień 2011
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E3.series 2011 v12.2011 (x32/x64)

E3.series 2011 v12.2011 (x32/x64) | 2.54 GB

The software package E3.series - this is the most advanced, powerful and unique solution on the market of electrical CAD software. It allows you to run a full cycle of design problems in the field of systems engineering process control and relay protection in power, from the development of the main scheme, up to the layout of each cabinet and plan of the equipment. The required design documentation is available in the system in automatic mode. Built-in methods of design and innovative technology combined into an extremely powerful and effective solution.
E3.series - the third generation of ECAD systems, allowing to fully implement the requirements of modern designs and technology automation.
E3.series provides a unique platform for effective interaction between engineers of different specialties. It includes a universal means of database, graphics editor and a report generator. All types of schemes are developed in one design environment with a common interface and the same rules.
Multi-user version E3.series provides groups of users in real time on a common project. Automatic communication between all sections of the project significantly reduces the time of its release and improves the quality of project documentation.
Object-oriented platform E3.series provides real-time communication of all sections of the project. The flexible structure, an open interface developed by the database, and much more possible to produce designs that meet all international standards and completely devoid of errors.
In E3.series no strict and fixed sequence diagramming. The user performs habitual actions, and the entire functionality of the system is aimed at to simplify its operations and substantially increase its efficiency. For example, editing a particular section of the project, you can be sure that all changes will be automatically generated in the sections of the project, which these changes relate. Real-time system detects a programming error and displays a message and comment.
E3.series - a system of cross-cutting design and walkthrough!

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