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Autor: PErkoz12
Data: 18 Marzec 2009
Kategoria: Archiwum
Hacker Eliminator 1.2 | 2,39 Mb
Hacker Eliminator 1.2 | 2,39 Mb
Hacker Eliminator picks up where anti virus scanners and firewalls leave off. Hacker Eliminator is easy to use and offers the utmost protection available from Trojan Horse programs and hackers.
Hacker Eliminator is not solely reliant on file signatures like many other products. Hacker Eliminator will automatically alert you of any suspicious activity instantly because of real time monitoring of all new processes and hidden programs. Hacker Eliminator will also monitor programs that add themselves to the start up areas plus a whole plethora of other interactive monitoring features that are simple to operate.

Everything that any Internet user could possibly need and more. Hacker Eliminator compatible with Win95/98/XP/ME/NT/2K Professional and Server. Hacker Eliminator also comes with Free Updates And Free Technical Support.

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