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Data: 26 Styczeń 2011
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Scooter: Live in Hamburg (2010 / BDRip 720p)

Scooter: Live in Hamburg
BDRip | 720p | MKV | 4.61 GB | 2010

Year: 2010
Country: Germany | Edel records
Genre: Jumpstyle, Techno
Length: 1:35:51

Live concert Scooter 2010 Hamburg with their best hits.
Scooter - German musical group that focuses on dance and energetic music. The group is known in many countries, including through the English-language texts and names of songs and musical compositions. Along with bands such as Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Modern Talking, Rammstein, Scorpions, Boney M, Scooter is one of the most successful music groups in Germany's history, as evidenced by more than 25 million sales of albums and singles worldwide.

01. Intro
02. J'adore Hardcore
03. Posse (I Need You On The Floor)
04. The Sound Above My Hair
05. Stuck On Replay
06. Jumping All Over The World
07. The Question Is What Is The Question?
08. Second Skin
09. Clic Clac / Scarborough Reloaded
10. Fire
11. Fuck The Millennium / Call Me Manana
12. Weekend!
13. Bit A Bad Boy
14. One (Always Hardcore)
15. Ti Sento
16. Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want)
17. Nessaja
18. How Much Is The Fish?
19. Maria (I Like It Loud)
20. Endless Summer / Hyper Hyper / Move Your Ass!

Scooter: Live in Hamburg (2010 / BDRip 720p)

Scooter: Live in Hamburg (2010 / BDRip 720p)

Scooter: Live in Hamburg (2010 / BDRip 720p)

Scooter: Live in Hamburg (2010 / BDRip 720p)

Quality: BDRip
Format: MKV
Video codec: H.264
Video: 1280x720, 25.000 fps, ~ 6243 kbps
Audio: AC3, 48.0 kHz, 5.1 ch, ~ 640.00 kbps
Size: 4.61 GB

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