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Autor: sarthy
Data: 25 Marzec 2011
Kategoria: SKRYPTY

Ultimate 3D Poster, Easy to Modify in Photoshop

GraphicRiver - Ultimate 3D Poster, Easy to Modify in Photoshop! | 233MB | PSD

This 11”x17” elegant template for two images is the most elaborate and complex project I’ve posted. There are 5 pre-rendered 3D backgrounds (rendered in Cinema 4D ), in the “backgrounds” folder. However, you can use it right from the box, and tweak everything in minutes. Your images will also have a real “3D look” – It’s not only a flat projection, the picture actually follows cube surfaces, so parts of it get pushed inside the panels, other ones get pulled out! No faking here!

There are two gradient adjustment layers, that you can disable, or enable – they will add cool color/light effects. There are some highlight layers, shines, etc. that I’ve used to spice up my text. You can just position them as wanted, or disable it. There is also an optional color bar that you can use if you want.

ALSO , there is another template included – a full 11”x8.5” horizontal, 3D rendered, ready to use, 300dpi, CMYK poster for one image with crop lines and color bleeds. (use it the same way as the one above). It comes with one background. There is no text, so you can use it as a photo frame as well, or add your text.

Fonts used: Trajan Pro (Adobe font: Eurostyle ( or use any other fonts you like.

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