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Data: 19 Luty 2011
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3D Frames Generator Templates

DataLife Engine v.9.0 Full English by DLEVIET + Free Templates | UTF-8 and Windows-1251 included | 240MB
SoftNews Media Group introduce new version of their script DataLife Engine v.9.0. In this release, you expect new features to your site, in connection with introduction of new JS(javascript) framework, new features in templates to implement your ideas, new features for video player, new mechanisms to fight spammers and much more, but everything in detail ...

Were prepared and implemented the following changes:

1. In the script added a powerful framework jQuery, that make it possible to interact visitors so raise script into a new level. Thanks to this library all the AJAX script functions have their own animation effects:

- Added smooth animation information window Download AJAX, and all the settings of this box moved to Template CSS
- Added smooth positioning of fields editing news and commentary with fast editing
- Added animation when you add comments on the site
- Added animation when you preview written personal message
- Added animation when viewing the list of archive news
- Added animated flipping through the calendar in the form of paging books
- Added damping effect in the vote on the site and view the results
- Replaced by a pop-up notification of new personal messages on the site.

And also thanks to powerful capabilities jQuery, you can add to your template and design of many advanced features and effects. Please note, if your template is already used this framework, then you should delete it from your template to connect the library, because the script automatically connects jQuery and no additional connections in the templates are no longer required.

2. In setting the video players added to enable or disable view similar news, the publication of the video service is on Youtube.

3. In main page of Admin Panel, in order to optimize space, sections of Notebook, Statistics and AutoCheck script combined into tabs.

4. Add new system tab in Admin Panel, which provides a more accurate representation of the different browsers, but also endowed with animation when changing tabs.

5. In website and Admin Panel were deleted all standard javascript Alert, instead, a pop-up notification or information about the error, the appearance of these notifications is configured in the template.

6. All dialogues on website and in Admin Panel to confirm the execution of certain actions on the site replaced by pop-up notifications, the appearance of these notices is also configured in the template.

For previous website (English or Russian) use windows-1251 encoding want to upgrade! This version support language : English & Russian.

UTF8 encoding support multi-language.
You can make a multilingual website. Ex : English, Vietnamese,...
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