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Najgoretsze wstawki

Autor: 123limon
Data: 31 Październik 2010
Kategoria: PROGRAMY » Systemy

COMODO System Cleaner 3.0.167886.37

Comodo System Cleaner is the powerful suite of utilities and tools that allow you to make your Windows computer faster, more efficient and more secure. CSC allows users of all experience levels to thoroughly clean their systems of damaging and/or wasteful files, boost system performance and unlock the full power of any Windows XP or later computer.

Main features
Clean Up
*Registry Cleaner - Optimizes and repairs your Windows registry by running an in-depth scan to identify, remove or repair any unnecessary or corrupted entries. After running a scan, Windows will be able to access the information it needs from the registry much more quickly - meaning your computer will get an immediate performance and stability boost. (click here to see how Comodo Registry Cleaner performed in a speed test against competing software)
*Disk Cleaner - Over time your disk drives become cluttered with temporary Internet files, logs, needless archives, unused icons and duplicate files. This utility lets you quickly clear them all to free up space and improve performance. Also allows you to schedule regular clean up routines.
*Privacy Cleaner- Obliterate your digital paper trail by cleaning history, cache, cookies and usage records from Internet browsers, Windows locations and popular software. Privacy Cleaner also contains the following security utilities:
*File Wiper - 'Permanent' file deletion tool to ensure deleted files can never be recovered
*Folder Lock - Prevent other local and network users from opening specific folders
*File Encryption - Strong encryption utility for secure storage or transmission of important files

Tune Up
*System Settings - Unlock the full potential of your Vista or XP computer by quickly customizing otherwise obscure Windows settings with point and click ease. With over 50 tweaks in the 'System Settings' area alone, you can optimize Windows behavior in a more powerful and intuitive way than ever before.
*Visual Styler - Easily customize look and feel of Windows by tweaking a variety of settings. Modify or replace Windows Icons, desktop wallpaper, animations, default fonts, background images and much more besides.
*Autoruns - Control exactly which programs and services start with Windows to improve Windows boot up time and overall system performance.

*System Information - Detailed and easily accessible 'dashboard' summary of all the hardware and software installed on your computer. Fast access to such details can be invaluable when you are considering hardware upgrades, the ability of your computer to run certain software and can assist you when judging whether to alter important system settings.
*Disk Space Explorer - Graphically displays disk usage on a per folder basis. Great when you need to know how much disk space you have left or when evaluating which folders to move or delete and when considering advanced operations such as disk partitioning or virtual memory settings.
*System Benchmark - Test the speed and overall performance of your computers memory, CPU, hard drive and Windows operations. Very useful for 'before and after' performance comparisons after altering system settings or installing new hardware or software. Can also be used to identify performance bottlenecks that might be holding your system back.
*Task Manager - Provides highly granular control and visibility over Windows processes that goes far beyond the capabilities of the built-in Windows Task Manager. Advanced users can view, start/stop processes, change priority levels with a single click, easily modify process privileges and quickly view in-depth information about process dll's and dependencies.

COMODO System Cleaner 3.0.167886.37

Download COMODO System Cleaner 3.0.167886.37 (9,04 MB):

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