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Data: 27 Lipiec 2010
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Windows lwgame nCore v3 + SATA/RAID (2010/RUS)

Assembling which will satisfy the necessities of the advanced users and administrators due to support of modern technologies and equipment, and similarly successful work with a network and applications. Are you ready to become acquainted with nCore and know all force of kernel of the most advanced version of OS of fifthgeneration? Ready? Then forward!

Date of Producing : on July, 27 2010
Version: lwgame nCore
Size: 566 MB
Platform: x86 (32 - bit)
Language of interface : Only Russian
Developer: Microsoft/LWGAME
Pill: not required
Size: 566 MB

System requirements: Standard

Features and Differences from other assembling of OS :it is Excellent reliability
- Includes the accessible updating the least
it is High safety of work
it is the Small size of the operating system (2.5 Гб without the file of pumping)
it is Deserving registration (Basic theme from NiwradSoft)
it is Possibility of converting in the work station (Test mode)
- it is Taken off большенство limitations (TCP/IP, XP mode, drivers policy, themes policy..)
are Authorial wallpapers from design of studio MassiveAttack
it is Support to 64ГБ of main memory
- does not contain harmful POE
- Fine works with the new vehicle providing
it is a Very high yield of local networks
it is High efficiency during work with многоядерными processors
it is Excellent productivity of the file system and hard disks
it is Effective distribution of time of processor in the system
it is unsurpassed speed of work of appendixes and operating system
it is Optimal productivity of програм on the basis of Microsoft .NET Frame

Assembling in itself plugs:
- NET. Framework 1.1-3.5 +
- Windows Media Player 11 (WMP 12 Theme)+
- Internet Explorer 8 Final +
- Java Runtime Plugin 1.6 update 21
- Adobe Flash Player
- Silverlight 4
- MSXML4 SP3 +
- MSXML6 SP2 +
- DirectX Redistributable June 2010
- OpenAL32
- Visual C++ Redistributable 2005, 2008, 2010 +
- Unlocker 1.9
- HashTab 3.0
are the Additional applets (GPU - Z, CPU - Z, TweakUI, Nero InfoTool, etc..)
- And other great deal

Differences from the previous assembling of nCore v2.5:
- autosetting is Optimized
it is the Use of memory less than in the previous assembling
- Retrieved mistake with the last drivers of video cards of NVIDIA and Intel
- Retrieved mistake unallowing it is correct to work Windows Live Photo Gallery
- a disrepair is Corrected with DAO (problems are related to MS Access)
- a problem is Corrected with integration of MSXML6 SP2 Parser
- problems are Corrected with the start of some DirectX of appendixes
- the damaged archive of SQLRUN is Corrected.CAB (thank you to the testing partibumtararants)
- support of technology of AVIO is Added
- the reminder of menu is Added to "Execute"
- the last updating of the system is Added after 27.07.2010
- DirectX End is Renewed - user runtimes (June 2010)
- Adobe Flash Player is Renewed
- Java Runtime Plugin is Renewed
- Microsoft Silverlight is Renewed
- Unlocker is Renewed
- OpenAL is Renewed
- autoaiming of pointer of mouse is Cleaned on the button
are the Shallow corrections and additions

Instruction on setting:
1) to Write down assembling on character on CD/DVD disk on меленькой speed (not file of character, and
record on character)
2) to Overload the system and call at BIOS and set the first in the list of loading of CD/DVD drive
3) to Format a system disk, desirably C: and to continue to set assembling on him.
4) After setting of Windows to set all necessary driver (driver to take for Windows XP x86).

To put on a clean отформатированый disk (форматнуть it is possible in the process of setting). To set on current system not recommended IN GENERAL.

Check sums:
CRC32: 8C037907
MD5: D17424ECF3CAB40119A958B98B034789
SHA-1: 7C03E183202F69BE9DF4E328859C1C593D8F2360

Windows lwgame nCore v3 + SATA/RAID (2010/RUS)Windows lwgame nCore v3 + SATA/RAID (2010/RUS)Windows lwgame nCore v3 + SATA/RAID (2010/RUS)

Windows lwgame nCore v3 + SATA/RAID - 566 MB
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