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Data: 9 Czerwiec 2010
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Raxco PerfectDisk Pro 11.0 Build 174 RePack (2010)

Raxco PerfectDisk Pro 11.0 Build 174 RePack (2010) | 16.36 MB

PerfectDisk - a program designed to defragment your hard disk. Raxco PerfectDisk optimizes for its work pagefile, MFT table, as well as the physical location on your hard disk files and directories. In order to begin to defragment a disk, you need to choose, in fact, the disc itself and press the start button. All elementary. In its work program shows the changing graphic table, which displays real-time defragmentation process. Data in this table are displayed as colored squares, the color decoding which can be viewed in the main window Raxco PerfectDisk. Worth noting is rather quick work of the utility. This is due to the fact that you are using single-pass defragmentation method based SMART hard drive data.

What's new in PerfectDisk 11 (Build 174):
Correct issues connecting to and displaying data stores for Exchange 2010
Change behavior when stopping a defrag pass. PerfectDisk used to display the statistics at the time you stopped even though they were inaccurate. PerfectDisk no longer does this.
The display files in block feature has been disabled during a defrag and analyze pass since there was no data to display
Corrected some display issues on the virtual machine tab
Added support for translation into Japanese
Corrected some statistical calculations when files are being added and deleted from the drive during the defragmentation pass.
The list of drive types that can be impersonated was limited to prevent confusion. The purpose of impersonating drive types was due to the inability to accurately determine whether or not a drive is a solid state drive.
Corrected a display issue on the Hyper-V host product. GUID was being displayed in lieu of the guest computer name.
Clarified the code to ensure the user realized the schedules maximum duration only applies to the online portion of the schedule. There is not maximum duration for a boot-time defragmentation pass.
Ensure that PerfectDisk does not attempt to perform an offline defragmentation pass on a FAT/FAT32 from a schedule. This functionality is not supported.
Corrected some typo's in displayed text
Changed the default behavior regarding file modification date on FAT/FAT32 drives. When no date exists we now display nothing. We used to display 1980.
Improved the layout to better fit all the on screen data
Corrected a bug when defragmenting drives greater than 2,147,483,648 clusters (8 TB with 4k cluster size)
Improved boot-time defragmentation logging.
Corrected a display issue with the schedule tab buttons when using Group Policy.
Certain error messages were improved to aid the user in understanding what went wrong.

System requirements:
Platform: Windows all
Processor: Pentium III 1 ĂĂö
Language: Eng,Rus
Year: 2010


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