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Data: 3 Czerwiec 2010
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System Mechanic Professional  v9.5.8.2

System Mechanic Professional v9.5.8.2|66,28 MB

System Mechanic - is a program designed to support the performance of your computer at the highest level! System Mechanic can find unnecessary and duplicate files, clean the registry and find incorrect labels, remove broken links in the Add / Remove Programs, to track changes made during installation, manage the startup clean the hard drive of unnecessary files to defrag, and much more.

Hardly anyone would deny that the safe operation of the computer depends on the degree of care. Do not think that we are talking about the need to regularly clean the monitor, system unit and keyboard dust. This is - by itself. Under the care in this case means the regular cleaning of the hard drive of unnecessary files and their duplicates (including cookies and browser cache), the guaranteed removal of information which should not be seeing strangers, nastroyaka parameters of Windows (including optimized settings to connect to the Internet) , optimize the registry, and even desirable that all this took place in the automatic mode. Of course, unnecessary files (like . bak) can find and remove them manually, but how much it take? A registry? How many dare to do it manually reconstruction? In addition, in some cases be traced as far recorded some installed program, then manually can not do.

- High-speed disk defragmentation and optimization
- Blocking of popup windows when you browse Web-pages on the Internet
- Defragment system memory
- Protection against spyware (Spyware) and unwanted programs
- Clean, optimize, defragment, compress and back up the registry
- Accelerating network and Internet connections up to 300%
- Manage programs that start automatically at boot
- Find and delete duplicate files and drivers
- Office of automatic assignments
- Access to hundreds of Windows settings
- Find, fix, or remove incorrect Windows shortcuts
- Find and delete incorrect entries in the list of installed programs
- Uninstalling the program or move on any disk in any folder with preservation of their efficiency
- Securely delete files and folders can not be recovered
- Safely remove internet tracks (cache, cookies, history) and to ensure privacy
- Very simple operation servicing PC
- Create a snapshot of the system for the analysis of subsequent changes

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