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Data: 16 Kwiecień 2013
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QSnipps 2.0.63

QSnipps 2.0.63 | 3.8 Mb

QSnipps is a small code snippet manager that lets you quickly retrieve and use your favorite pieces of code. It's the perfect solution, for developers and designers, to store and organize their re-usable pieces of snippets.

Imagine how great would be to have one place where all your favorite code snippets are stored and categorized the way you like, making your coding life easier, faster and cleaner. No more google searching for a piece of code you don't remember. QSnipps is here!

Code Ultra Fast
Use the built-in QSearch feature to quickly find and use snippets from your library. Integration
Have all your favorite snippets right inside QSnipps anywhere you are.

After enabling this option, once you select a snippet, its contents are placed in your clipboard automatically.

Cool Code Editor
Besides syntax highlighting, the internal code editor has support for code-folding and code-formatting.

Default Syntax
Assign default syntaxes to your categories to simplify the new snippet creation process.

Clipboard Monitoring
For helping you to easily collect and save code snippets found online or in past projects.

Code selections from any IDE to create new snippets or from QSnipps to your IDE.

Database Syncronization
Sync your snippets database across multiple computers, with Dropbox or LiveMesh.

Run Shell/DOS commands
Do you use the Console/DOS prompt often? Save your commands as ShellApps and run them directly from QSnipps.

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