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Autor: Zipp8106
Data: 20 Lipiec 2012
Kategoria: PROGRAMY » Systemy

SmartTweak FixMyRegistry 7.0 Build 192

SmartTweak FixMyRegistry 7.0 Build 192 | 9.32 Mb

Fix existing and new registry errors automatically! FixMyRegistry knows about already discovered issues and learns how to fix emerging problems by updating its database periodically. With FixMyRegistry, you can optimize system performance, repair the registry and fix common errors today and tomorrow! The Windows Registry is one of the key components essential for the proper functioning of the entire system. Keeping your Windows Registry clean and free of errors and redundant entries helps ensure Windows stability and boost system performance, without spending too much time or money on extra hardware. Run FixMyRegistry periodically to ensure reliable system operation and optimum performance.

Boosting system performance by cleaning your Windows Registry could not be any safer or easier. FixMyRegistry provides a safe, simple way to optimize Windows by repairing registry problems and fixing common errors and incompatibilities. Unlike many competitors, FixMyRegistry does not solely rely on a list of potential issues supplied with the program. Instead, it is able to connect to a dedicated problem resolution server online, and update its database to the most current state with up-to-date fixes and optimizations. With FixMyRegistry, you'll always stay current, no matter how old or new your software and version of Windows!

Key Features:

Scanning of All Sections of the Registry
FixMyRegistry scans more than 20 sections of the registry, allowing you to find all possible errors and incorrect entries.

Using the Online Database
To fix errors a constantly updated database is used, which includes the safest and most effective methods for correcting every known error.

Tri-level Registry Defragmentation
To defragment the registry, a special three-level technology is used. This allows you to decrease the size of the registry to the greatest possible degree and accordingly increase the efficiency of your system.

Registry Backup Wizard
The option of making backup copies of the registry and restoring the registry from these will help you in case you need to return to old system settings.

Full Support for Windows
UpdateMyDrivers fully supports the Windows XP, Vista and 7 operating systems. Both 32 and 64 bit versions are supported.

Simple and User Friendly Interface
Development of the user interface has been given special attention. As a result, no special skills or knowledge are required to use the program.

Highly Qualified Technical Support
Our technical support team will be pleased to help you optimize and speed up the operation of your computer using our software.

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