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Data: 15 Kwiecień 2011
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Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate EIRR x86-x64 v11.02

Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate EIRR x86-x64 v11.02
2011 | MULTI | 5 GB

Windows 7 Ultimate x86-x64 from CtrlSoft with the possibility of semi-automatic installation in 4 languages, does not require a serial number and activation.


• Assembly based on the WINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE SP1 RTM

To create an assembly used in the original images of Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 RTM.

• Suitable for 4 languages: English, Italian, Romanian, RUSSIAN.

In the original distributions were integrated language packs Italian, Romanian and Russian. After installing you have the opportunity to change the language interface standard means (intl.cpl), for example - from Russian to English and back, not depending on the language selected at installation.

• Optional 32-bit or 64-bit WINDOWS

The uniqueness of this building is that you have the ability to install Windows from a different pre-installation media - to 32-bit and 64-bit architecture. This method increases the likelihood of a successful installation on computers of various configurations, including a computer with a disk array RAID.

• Installation in a semiautomatic mode

All you have to do - is to select the partition to install, format it and click Next. Upon completion of all phases, you are invited to enter a user name, password (optional), select the method of updating, set the date and time, choose a location on your computer.

Note. For a complete installation, you must run (boot) your computer using an installation disk Windows.

• Ability to upgrade from previous versions of WINDOWS.

All of the above set of semi-automatic refers to this type of setup except the user name and password.

This assembly provides the possibility to update not only the 32-bit versions of Windows, but with 64-bit, that one of its kind - unique!

Note. When you upgrade, save files, settings, programs and user accounts used in the current version of Windows.


During installation, you will not need to enter a serial number. Activating Windows automatically. Used in the assembly of the activator includes a unique activation technology, while not affecting the system files or boot Windows.

If you have a laptop or a branded PC Dell, Acer, Alienware, etc. will (almost) legal activation! I want to note that while the default oem-established theme of the manufacturer. If you have not branded PCs, but the motherboard includes a SLIC 2.1, established topic close to your hardware manufacturer, such as Intel.

• Being tested for authenticity

In Service Pack 1, Microsoft has included checking the authenticity of the update KB971033, but you do not worry about anything! You can safely download Microsoft products or upgrade Windows.

• Clean - no resources Patched

The assembly is not crammed with various third-party resources clearance. From the original distribution differs only in that the added 20 original local packages (for more information - and also automatically set oem-topic (about oem-read the topic above).

Note. In the Russian version of the problems with the Start menu, there are no more (official patch), I have changed the inscription "Max" to the "Ultimate" and corrected a couple of inscriptions in the pop-up menu.

- Acronis Disk Director 11 Home
- Acronis True Image Home 2011
- Everest
- GImageX
- Total Commander
* Available when you select 32-bit architecture.

Development Phase: Release
Year / Issue Date: 2011
Bit depth: 32bit +64 bit
Language: English, Italian, Romanian, Russian
Medicine: Disinfected

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