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Data: 31 Marzec 2011
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iOS v4.3.1 2011

iOS v4.3.1
2011 | ENG | 4.69 GB

This update contains improvements and other bug fixes including.

Full list of fixes:
- Fix arise from time to time faults graphics on iPod Touch (4 th generation);
- Correction of errors associated with the activation and connection to some mobile networks;
- Fix a problem with flickering images when using the digital AV-Adapter Apple with some TV;
- Fixed a bug related to authentication in some corporate Web services.

iOS 4.3.1 extend battery life:
A recent firmware iOS 4.3 added several very useful in daily life functions, such as mobile access points or remote playback of content from the music library iTunes. The price that - much to reduce the duration of battery life of devices. Suffered most of all iPhone owners 4, whose "battery" has to melt before our eyes. Judging by the reviews, this issue has been resolved.
The vast majority of owners Gadgets Apple, migrated from 4.3 to 4.3.1, warn about the notable changes in the duration of devaysa.

Members began to unsubscribe to this in Twitter:
-IOS 4.3.1 came out today, the battery sits not as fast as before.
-All noticed that iOS 4.3.1 battery live longer?
-The battery on my iphone 4.3.1 to be discharged much more slowly.

List of supported devices:
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 4
iPod Touch 3Gen
iPod Touch 4Gen
The original iPad
iPad 2 Wi-Fi
iPad 2 Wi-Fi +3 G
iPad two CDMA

As with the previous firmware, the new version supports the following devices:
third and fourth generation iPod Touch, iPhone 3GS / 4 and iPad / iPad 2. iPhone 4 CDMA is not yet supported as well as the iPhone 3G!

Attention, attention! If you zalochenny iPhone or you can not imagine my life without jailbreaking, refrain from upgrading to iOS 4.3.1. Otherwise you risk being left with the brick of the third or fourth generation, which can not work in your network operator.

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