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Windows XP Alternative 11.3.2

Windows XP Alternative 11.3.2 | 509.32 Mb

Modified build corporate licensed version of Windows XP Professional SP3 x86 (32 bit). Integrates all publicly available updates, automatic installation after selecting the partition, many enhancements to increase functionality, improve performance and usability.

In addition to updates that are integrated into the system:
- Microsoft Calculator Plus
- Windows Update Agent 7.4.7600.229
- Microsoft Update 7.4.7600.226
- Auto Update Client
- Windows Genuine Advantage Validation 1.9.0042.0
- Package Base CSP smart card (KB909520)
- Customer Group Policy preference extensions for Microsoft Windows XP (KB943729)
- Support for file system exFAT (KB955704)
- Image Mastering API v2.0 (KB932716, KB952011)
- Defendant Topology Discovery link-layer (KB922120)
- Microsoft Update
- The Package Installer (KB898461)
- Connection Client Remote Desktop 7.0 (KB969084)
- Root Certificates Update (KB931125)
- Library Windows Automation API (KB971513)
- Windows Genuine Advantage Validation (KB892130)
- DirectX for June;
- A set of system libraries on almost all occasions;
- Updates for IE6 and WMP9 (for uninstall older versions). Windows Media Formats 11 and Microsoft User-Mode Driver Framework Feature pack 1.0 can be removed only after removing Windows Media Player 11. Records of them are in the section "Windows XP - Software Updates" (which can be seen in the marked box "Show Updates").

Installed programs and utilities:
- Microsoft XML Core Services 4.0 SP3 (KB973685)
- Delete (see end of spoilers above) Internet Explorer 8 and Windows Media Player 11 with all updates;
- Adobe Ž Flash Ž Player ActiveX and Plugin v10.2.153.1 (for viewing Flash animations in Internet Explorer and other programs, including all the popular browsers - Opera, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, Chrome, Safari, etc.);
- Microsoft Visual C + + 2005 SP1, 2008, 2010 with all updates;
- Utility (system service) UPHClean, which provides the correct loading a user profile.

Integrated drayverpak MassStorage, to ensure the installation of assembly of laptops and more.
Adaptec -
AMD - 3.1.1540.127
Intel -
Marvell -
SiS - 5.1.1039.3020
Silicon: Si3112r -; SI3114r -
VIA - 5.1.6000.581

Additional applets in the Control Panel:
- Setting the ClearType - setting font smoothing;
- Tweak UI - a tool from MS to configure the system;
- Startup - ability to disable and delete startup programs.

Additions to the context menu and patches:
- HashTab v4.0.0.1 - Displays the hashes MD5, SHA-1 and CRC-32 in the properties file;
- Unlocker v1.8.8 - utility to delete, move and rename files and folders that can not be removed by conventional means - in the context menu of a folder / file (in the "Email");
- Patch to increase the limit of simultaneous incomplete (half-open) connections TCP / IP c 10 to 500;
- Removed restriction on 10 simultaneous connections to the network to the network share;
- There vozmozhnost work in terminal mode;
- Patch to use unsigned themes;
- Patch the cleaning warning message when using msconfig'a and reboot the system;
- Task Manager and Registry Editor is no longer disabled by modifying the Registry (what they like to Use many viruses);
- Ability to enable software Raid 5;
- Disable ascent "New Hardware Wizard" and preventing errors in the log setupapi.log, if used in the system patched (after installing some package design) storprop.dll, SysSetup.dll, Desk.Cpl, MmSys.Cpl, mdminst . dll, NetCfgx.dll, printui.dll, nmwcdcls.dll, winscard.dll, sti_ci.dll, Batt.dll, btw_ci.dll, sdhcinst.dll, bthci.dll, wpd_ci.dll;
- Disabled DEP;
- The "record" works in the presence of more than 2 GB of RAM (fixed a bug REM);
- RSI (RefreshShellIcons) - update icon (run in conjunction with a script to remove IconCache.db (if he weighs more than 10 mb) at startup);
- XPRights - allows access to shared resources on your computer immediately after installing (activating and configuring rights networking "guests" as well as an exception to public access in the firewall;
- Newdisp - resets the display driver without rebooting the operating system (runs through the run or command prompt)

- Topics: Vista Remix (mix of popular vista-like those), Energy Blue (Royale), Royale 2, Luna Element (Black, Blue), Human;
- Beautiful wallpaper;
- Plans Cursor: Blue Arrow, Chaninja, Grey, Vista Aero, Human;
- Screensavers: 3D Windows XP, Bubbles, Focus (for the work required. Net framework 2.0), FFlower, Flurry, Hypnogenic Rain;
- Added font SegoeUi, and also replaced some of the standard for analogs of Windows Vista;
- Avatars;
- Logo of your processor in the "System Properties";
- Fix the stretched icons, dialogs, localization + memo to "execute" + removed a picture with an inscription in the classic "Start" + removed the inscription "Logoff" and "shutdown" and "All Programs" shortened to "Programs" in Start the ordinary.

Also replaced the standard for similar sounds from Windows Vista.
Because the system has removed the following components:
- Installation of a system / upgrade from previous OS versions (available only to "clean" install);
- Non-use during the installation and operation of the system (junk) files are not deleted Microsoft;
- Distribution. Net Framework 1.1 (folder DOTNETFX), which is not used when installing the system;
- Installation pictures extolling the benefits of Windows XP. The installation is now taking place in the classical style of Windows 2000;
- Tour familiarity with Windows;
- OOBE - the component used to activate and create users when you first log into the system;
- MSN Explorer;
- Animated assistants tips;
- Examples of sounds, sound scheme, "Utopia", the standard screen savers, desktop background (plaster, green stone, Rhododendron, etc), cursors schemes (standard, black, inverse of all sizes left), images of game controllers, clock. avi, yahoo.bmp, swtchbrd.bmp;
- The game "Pinball"

Language: English, Russian
Platform: x86
License: Shareware (Cracked)
Developer: Microsoft
Size: 509.32 Mb

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