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Data: 2 Marzec 2011
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Windows 7 Ultimate Sony Xtreme Edition 2010 x86

Windows 7 Ultimate Sony Xtreme Edition 2010 x86
2011 | ENG | 3.1 GB

What is new in this version
- Sony Wallpapers
- New themes (thanks to
- New tweaks (thanks to Buster)

- Optimised for SONY lovers
- Cool looks and gadgets
- Easy installation
- Have not at all touched any stuffs here only some to tweaks to run cool

Registry Tweaks
- DreamScene Activated
- CommandPrompt here
- Take Ownership

- Run as Administrator
- Context menu tweaks added(many tweaks)
- Open with notepad
- Advanced user account activated
- Gadgets activated

Special Features
- New Sony Ericsson Pc Suite
- Sony VIAO Gate

- Sony Ericsson Theme Creator
- Sony Ericsson Mobile Software Updater

Softwares Added
(Silent mode)

- Aero Command prompt
- Autoplay Media Studio
- Gimp 2.6.9
- Hidden Files Toggler

- MediaInfo GUI
- Microsoft Essesntials
- Sony VIAO Gate(Non Silent, Manual provision needed)
- My Phone Xplorer
- RT ISO Maker
- Shaplus Bandwidth Meter
- Sony Ericsson PC Suite(Non Silent, Manual provision needed)
- Sony Ericsson Themes Ceator
- Sony Ericsson Software Update Manager

- C_2005_SP1_Redistribute (Thanks to Skat666)
- C_2008_Redistribute (Thanks to Skat666)
- C_2010_redist(Thanks to Skat666)
- CCleaner(Thanks to Skat666)
- DirectX32_June_2010(Thanks to Skat666)
- Disable Blur for title bar (thanks to Buster)
- FileZilla(Thanks to Skat666)
- Firefox PreLoader(Thanks to Skat666)
- Flash Player ActiveX 10.1(Thanks to Skat666)

- Flash Player Plugin 10.1(Thanks to Skat666)
- Hash Checker Shell Extension(Thanks to Skat666)
- K-Lite Media CoDec Pack(Thanks to Skat666)
- Micro Angelo On Display(Thanks to Skat666)
- Nero Lite 10(Thanks to Skat666)
- NetFrame Work 4(Thanks to Skat666)
- Notepad 2 replacement(Thanks to Skat666)
- Notepad ++(Thanks to Skat666)
- Process Hacker(Thanks to Skat666)

- Winrar_snow_leopard(Thanks to Skat666)
- Firefox_Snowpanther(Thanks to Skat666)
- Speedy Fox(Thanks to Skat666)
- Who Crashed(Thanks to Skat666)
- Winamp_Xdark(Thanks to Skat666)
- Yahoo10_XDark(Thanks to Skat666)

Windows 7 Ultimate Sony Xtreme Edition 2010 x86

Windows 7 Ultimate Sony Xtreme Edition 2010 x86

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