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Autor: tanya-j
Data: 23 Luty 2011
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Maverick Full Gnome TE (Live DVD based on Ubuntu 10.10) (19.02.2011) PC

Maverick Full Gnome TE (Live DVD based on Ubuntu 10.10) (19.02.2011) PC
2011 | MULTI | 2.02 GB

Attention all "did not read, but the blame! This is a Live DVD / Live USB with the ability to install on your hard disk!

This assembly will save you time and frustration of searching for additional repositories, installing software, codecs, players ... You can boot from CD / DVD or USB drive and start using the computer, simultaneously establishing a system to your hard drive. Even booting from the CD without installation, you can:

1. Listen to music - Deadbeef
2. Watch a movie - Smplayer, VLC, totem
3. Draw - inkscape, GIMP-2.7 (single window interface is almost done!)
4. Work with documents - Openoffice from Infra-Resource, YAGF + cuneiform (raspoznavalka text)
5. Surf the internet - Firefox, Chromium (Google Chrome) Thunderbird
6. Communicate on Skype icq ... - Skype and qutim
7. Download Torrent, ass, and dc + + - qbittorrent, amule, eiskaltdcpp

...... Added dockbarx, ubuntu-tweak, sweethome3d, little toys, including astromenace (requires hardware accelerated 3d). Also added Virtualbox-4.0. To make it come alive on your hardware - you need to type in the terminal:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure virtualbox-4.0

..... If someone does not like my environment settings GNOME - type in the terminal:

rm-r ~ /. gconf

log off and log on again and you will be default 'ubuntu (my settings in / etc / skel)

Of the default Ubuntu has been removed: gwibber, ubuntu one, evolution and idiotic envelope. If you want them back:

sudo aptitude install ubuntu-desktop - to help you

Differences from the previous build:
- Chromium-browser replaced with Google Chrome
- Added useful programs: isomaster, mobiile-media-converter, boot-up-manager, ekiga, guvcview, video4linux control panel ....
- Now a basic 3d-acceleration for nvidia graphics cards running at once (nouveau)
- There is an internal repository of proprietary drivers, nvidia, ati ... in case of no internet nearby.
- Added default theme clearlooks-compact (for notebook and monitor with a screen resolution of 640x480 ... 800x600)
- Added library xvba for hardware video decoding via vaapi video cards AMD Radeon hdXXXX
- Added some more toys.
- New items in the boot menu for the event wearing a system with a (safe graphics mode, ACPI)

Major programs:
Audio and video:
audacity deadbeef gtk-recordmydesktop guvcview isomaster mobile-media-converter smplayer audioconverter totem pitivi vlc

gimp-2.7 mypaint shotwell inkscape hugin

astromenace btanks billard-gl pingus frozen-bubble neverball neverputt supertux toppler enigma zaz mirrormagic rocksndiamonds

amule transmission eiskaltdc + + filezilla google-chrome opera qbittorrent qutim skype firefox thunderbird tsclient vinagre

abiword, gnumeric yagf + cuneiform openoffice (Infra-Resource)

System Utilities:
gigolo virtualbox-4.0 q4wine hardinfo ubuntu-tweak unetbootin remastersys testdisk (how many times he rescued me) gparted ......( a lot of things on all occasions)

Maverick Full Gnome TE (Live DVD based on Ubuntu 10.10) (19.02.2011) PC

Maverick Full Gnome TE (Live DVD based on Ubuntu 10.10) (19.02.2011) PC

Maverick Full Gnome TE (Live DVD based on Ubuntu 10.10) (19.02.2011) PC

Name: Maverick Full Gnome TE (Live DVD c for installation on the hard drive / USB-stick based on Ubuntu 10.10)
Purpose: The Universal Operating System.
Year: 2011
Platform: ubuntu gnu / linux 10.10 I386 maverick meerkat
System Requirements: 512MB of RAM
Language: Multi
Size 2.02 GB

Installing on a USB-stick
Under Windows, there unetbootin, but in Ubuntu you need to go to the Main Menu ----> System Administration ------> -----> Creating a bootable USB drive
I hope this assembly to someone useful.

Use and enjoy!

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