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Data: 16 Luty 2011
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Kubuntu 10.10  i386 (Multi/2010)

Kubuntu 10.10 i386
2010 | Multi | 695.58 Mb

Kubuntu - a freely available operating system based on the core GNU / Linux.Yavlyaetsya a modified version of the distribution Ubuntu. The main difference between these two distributions is the default desktop environment in a Kubuntu - KDE.
The distribution package contains all necessary programs from word processing and spreadsheet applications to the Web, Web server software for e-mail, programming languages, and much more. Also, sometimes when you can easily download and install programs from the online repositories, choosing from more than 25,000 different applications.

Some changes:
- New fonts designed specifically for kubuntu, now used by default
- Phasing out support for processors i386-i586/optimizatsiya for i686 and newer processors
- PulseAudio sound server used by default
- Improved interface and functionality KPackageKit
- In the iso-image combined Plasma Desktop and Plasma Netbook
- Support for message indicator is turned on by default in Kopete and Quassel

In version 10.10 includes KDE 4.5.1, Amarok 2.2.2, 3.2.1, GCC 4.4.4, support for 3G and Linux kernel version 2.6.35-22.

Sum md5:
(I386) da50a1ddb22060a2abda6823c9d1148d

Title: Kubuntu
Version: 10.10
Year: 2010
Developer: Canonical Ltd
Architecture: amd64, i386
Language: Multi
Type drive: LiveCD
Format: iso
Treatment: not required
Size: 695.58 Mb

Kubuntu 10.10  i386 (Multi/2010)

Kubuntu 10.10  i386 (Multi/2010)

Kubuntu 10.10  i386 (Multi/2010)

Kubuntu 10.10  i386 (Multi/2010)

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