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Data: 15 Luty 2011
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Wesmosis XP Blue Edition SP3 v2.5 - Faster XP

Wesmosis XP Blue Edition SP3 v2.5 - Faster XP | 650 MB

This Version of Windows is the one in my heart and i like it so much so .............. give it a try with one press on Enter button and go to do any thing cause she well do every thing for you!!!!!

It's Bin 12 months from the last release (WW v2.0), and thank god, it waz well received by the general public, ranging from newbies, amateurs to Pros and Geeks! , I've received a couple of hundred emails, mostly personal experiences, opinions, suggestions, productive criticisms to reach the perfection as much as possible

The newest release of the well-known widely-spread Wesmosis' Windows XP Pre-SP3. here is the long-awaited version which contains a bunch of hotfixes (Microsoft Official Updates Post-SP2 Pre-Sp3) , updating virtually every proggy from the previous release, adding a alot more various tools and utilities, the most-respected less resources taking, smaller in size...etc

here is a brief descrip*tion about the WW v2.5
# v2.5 (28-8-2007)
- Massive updates, renewals, replacements, Dramatic Changes
- Faster, Better Performance, Safer, More Mature, More Stable
- Adding the Latest Microsoft official updates from last July 2006 to 26 June 2007, which change the Windows Build from .06 to .071030 (find out your build # by Run > Winver)
- Updating the ArabicMUI (now Compatible with Xpize)
- Updating CCleaner v1.30 > CCleaner v1.40
- Updating CPU-Z v1.33 > CPU-Z v1.4
- Updating Firefox v1.5.0.4 with Extensions > Firefox v2.0.0.6 with Extensions & Search Engines (Wikipedia,Torrent,Youtube...etc)
- Updating Flash Player v9.0 > Flash Player v10
- Updating Media Player Classic v6.4.9.0 > Media Player Classic v6.4.9.0+ (Newer Build with Video Files association)
- Updating Microsoft Office 2003
- Updating Nero v7.2.0.3 Lite > Nero Burning v7.7.5.1 Micro
- Updating NOD32 v2.51.26 > NOD32 v2.70.39
- Updating PhotoFiltre v6.1.5 > PhotoFiltre v6.2.7
- Updating Process Explorer v10.06 > Process Explorer v10.21
- Updating Sun Java2 Runtime Environment v5.0.7 > Sun Java2 Runtime Environment v6.0.2
- Updating Win32Pad v1.5.10 > Win32Pad v1.5.10.2
- Updating Windows Live Messenger v8.0 > Windows Live Messenger v8.1.0178 (No Adds)
- Updating Winamp Pro v5.1 > Winamp Pro v5.35
- Updating Windows Media Player v11 > Windows Media Player v11.0.5705.5043
- Updating WinRAR v3.51 > WinRAR v3.7 Corp
- Updating XPize v4.4 > Xpize v4.7
- Updating Yahoo! Messenger v7.5.0.814 > Yahoo! Messenger v8.1.0.415
- Updating WPI 5.0 > WPI v5.6
- Updating Wallpaper Changer
- Updating the Autostart Menu dramatically
- Replacing ACDsee > XnView v1.91.3 (Full Version)
- Replacing Adobe Reader > FoxIt PDF Pro Reader v2.1 (Super Fast with Editing Capability)
- Replacing IDM > Orbit Downloader v2.0.7 (which can download streaming Videos like Youtube)
- Replacing K-Lite Mega Codec > Vista Codec Package v4.4.9
- Replacing PhotoFiltrer > Paint.Net v3.10
- Replacing XoftSpy > SpyBot Search & Destroy v1.4
- Replacing Zuma Deluxe with Pixelus Deluxe!
- Adding DaemonTools v4.10
- Adding Driver Genius 2007 (for Drivers BackUp into One Exe File)
- Adding TuneUp Utilities 2007 v6.0.2311
- Adding 28 Boot Screens (Run by the above proggy)
- Adding HWiNFO32 v1.74 (Detailed Info about your Hardware)
- Adding HiJack This v2.0.2
- Adding FileLocator Pro v4.0 (Super Fast File Search Utility on you PC)
- Adding Foxit PDF Editor v1.5
- Adding Internet Explorer v7.0.5730.11 Final!
- Adding Internet Explorer SpellChecker
- Adding IE7pro v0.9.16 (Extra Pro options for IE7)
- Adding VerbAce - English Arabic Dictionary 2007
- Adding RainLander v2.2
- Adding Screen Marker v0.1
- Adding doPDF (for making PDF files)
- Adding Control Panel Items
- Adding TreeCopy v1.11 (let you Copy Only Folder Structure without Files)
- Adding All NirSoft Proggies
- Adding All Sysinternals Proggies
- Fixing the Advanced WMI Thing
- Fixing the Issue of ArabicMUI with Xpize
- Fixing Minor Bugs

Wesmosis XP Blue Edition SP3 v2.5 - Faster XP

Wesmosis XP Blue Edition SP3 v2.5 - Faster XP

Wesmosis XP Blue Edition SP3 v2.5 - Faster XP

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