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Data: 15 Luty 2011
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Macpup 511 32-bit (1xCD)

Macpup 511 32-bit (1xCD)
2011 | MULTI | 188 MB

Macpup 511 - minimalistic distro based on Puppy Linux 5.1.1, compatible with Ubuntu 10.04, which uses desktops environment Enlightenment e17 and stylized as Apple's Mac OS X.

Characteristics of release:
* Includes all applications from Lucid Puppy
* Added Firefox, Opera, GIMP, available for downloading through the application Quickpet ibar panel or via the package manager Puppy
* EFL 1.0.0 beta (the library which is written Enlightenment DR17) and the E17 version 52995 were collected from source
* There is a possibility of change in the Enlightenment window manager JWM or IceWM

In more detail:
Macpup - distro based on Puppy Linux window manager Enlightenment.

Macpup - minimalist, flexible, modular, very cute and stylish Linux LiveCD. Is based on Puppy Linux 5.1.1 with all current updates and fitted with a graphical environment based on the Enlightenment e17.
Enlightenment - a window manager for X Window System. The title translates as "enlightenment" and often reduced to a single letter E.
Among Linux users still are disputes about what actually is Enlightenment - the window manager to work or some of the conceptual model of interest only to designers.

The main features of E17:
* Small size and high performance,
* The advanced system design and the fact
* Animation support for those user interface elements, icons, desktops, and cursors
* The modular structure, ability to dynamically load external modules to extend functionality,
* Status of the windows, locks and conservation status of the windows,
* Design (icons, themes, wallpapers) presented in a unified binary format optimized for fast read and display,
* Enhanced support for virtual desktops,
* Setting keyboard shortcuts for keyboard and mouse
* Support for Unicode,
* Interface translation in 20 languages (including Russian).

Macpup - designed for use on computers that are in their characteristics with difficulty running a "heavy" OS that require a powerful processor, plenty of memory or disk space to install them.

Macpup - consumes negligible by today's standards, the amount of resources, has a nice graphical interface and works very quickly. This is true both when the system starts from the CD-ROM as well as with Flash-drive. For comfortable operation requires only 256 megabytes of memory during startup from a CD-ROM, but you can run the system with less memory. In the case of the installation disk required amount of memory a widow less ...

Macpup - easy to use. Includes all the necessary tools for daily work in the network, office and home. Missing program can be easily set using a convenient graphical tool, or plug-ins.

System requirements:
RAM 128 MB

MD5: 7cb0c86e9068517714bee8da0584e3e9
SHA-1: 54727830DA7256ACDF9F2BF91E955544EB0756CB

Released: 2011
Version: 511
Platform: 32-bit
Language: ML
Medicine: not required
Size: 188 MB

Macpup 511 32-bit (1xCD)

Macpup 511 32-bit (1xCD)

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