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Autor: tanya-j
Data: 10 Luty 2011
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Microsoft Windows XP Fundamentals for Legacy PCs

Microsoft Windows XP Fundamentals for Legacy PCs
2011 | ENG | 575 Mb

Microsoft positions WinFLP as an operating system that will provide basic computing services on older hardware, while still providing core management features of more recent Windows releases, such as Windows Firewall, Group Policy, Automatic Updates, and other management services. Microsoft does not consider it a general-purpose OS.

WinFLP is a Windows XP Embedded derivative and as such is optimized for legacy PCs. It supports running applications locally, as well as those hosted on a remote server using Remote Desktop. It can be installed on a local hard drive, or configured to run on a diskless workstation.

WinFLP will not be made available through retail or OEM channels. Microsoft sees WinFLP as an inexpensive upgrade option for corporations that have a number of Windows 9x computers, but lack the hardware necessary to support the latest Windows. It is exclusively available to Software Assurance customers. WinFLP excludes Games, Outlook Express and some System Tools, even with a full install (1.1 GB).

WinFLP was originally announced with codenames "Eiger" and "M bnch" in mid-2005. Like other Microsoft Windows codenames at the time, these are names of mountains.

Minimum system requirements:
Pentium class processor 233 MHz (300 MHz recommended)
64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended)
500 MB HDD (1 GB recommended)
800x600 or higher display resolution

WARNING: don't use the unattended install unless you wat to have to crack the admin accounts password with an external program... which is a real pain with

Install note
Size Iso 575 Mb
burn to cd with poweriso or ultraiso or nero .

Microsoft Windows XP Fundamentals for Legacy PCs

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