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Autor: tanya-j
Data: 14 Styczeń 2011
Kategoria: PROGRAMY » Systemy

Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise x86 & x64 Integrated January 2011-BIE

Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise x86 & x64 Integrated January 2011-BIE

Windows 7 Enterprise operating system that implements the new technology-oriented to the needs of corporate users in it implements a functional Windows 7 Professional, as well as owners of Windows 7 Enterprise will receive a set of additional tools designed to ensure productive work in the office and at home many times to improve the security of your computer to increase control over what is happening on your PC and make administration easier and more flexible

This paper proposes to consider two assemblies of the English versions of Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) kernel:
- Windows 7 Enterprise x86 English
- Windows 7 Enterprise x64 English

Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise x86 & x64 Integrated January 2011-BIE

Windows 7 will help businesses:
• give employees the opportunity to be productive anywhere - at home or on the road or in a remote branch office - with the same efficiency as the main office;
• increase control and protection:
the foundation of Windows Vista security technologies complemented encrypt removable drives (USB)
BitLocker To Go ™ and control permits for launching applications AppLocker ™;
• Simplify management computers;
• facilitate the control and deployment
desktop, portable and virtual environments, using the same tools and skills that in Windows Vista. Windows 7 Enterprise - a version of Windows 7, which includes unique technologies developed for the needs of corporate clients.

Being based on Windows Vista, it will help in the organization of productive work of employees without reference to the site, improving security and manageability, as well as simplifying the management of computers. Like Windows Vista Enterprise, Windows 7 Enterprise will be available only through licensing Microsoft Software Assurance.

Users of Windows 7 Enterprise will be able to use the following seven components that are unavailable in Windows 7 Professional.

Technology DirectAccess, a part of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, enables to increase the productivity of mobile workers, providing them with simple and more secure access to corporate networks via the Internet, without requiring the connection of VPN. With its use of all the corporate file shares, internal Web sites and business applications are available at any place where there is a connection to the Internet.

This technology enhances the quality of networking applications, bringing the realities of users in remote offices to the standards of the main office. When users in the branch office to access content on a Windows Server 2008 R2, they do not need to wait for complete download files from the main office. Thanks to technology BranchCache copy of the data, which were accessed from an internal Web site or file server is cached locally within the branch. When another user on the network requests the same data, he gets them almost instantly, because they come from the local cache rather than loaded from the main office on a slow connection.

This component provides a simple interface for finding information in networked locations, including sites SharePoint. Using the corporate area of search on Windows 7, IT professionals can put links in the Start Menu and Explorer Windows. These links can point to the most appropriate, comprehensive and reliable sources in the network. Since the content of intranet portals can be made more accessible and detectable. IT administrators can deploy enterprise search area for PC users via Group Policy.

These funds help to protect data on PCs and removable drives, as well as provide an opportunity to force the encryption of the contents and make a backup key recovery. In Windows Vista, Microsoft unveiled disk encryption BitLocker, designed to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access by persons in possession have been lost, stolen or inappropriately decommissioned computers. With Windows 7, the technology also extends to USB-storage devices, and imevshiysya functional becomes easier to use.

Technology AppLocker in Windows 7 provides a new policy control of applications. It is flexible, easy to use mechanism that allows IT professionals to specify exactly what users are allowed to run on their computers. With it you can prevent unwanted software from work and at the same time allow the launch of the necessary applications, software installation and scripts. Such standardization of applications provides increased security, improved progress and regulatory compliance.

Organization desktops as virtual machines located on servers - the technology, called Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), - is gaining popularity model of desktop deployment, which enables users to work with computers remotely, thus allowing to achieve the centralization of data, applications and operating systems. This technology is developing rapidly, and Windows 7 includes the latest improvements in it, such as support for multiple monitors and a microphone. In addition, virtual machine images (VHD) can be used to boot the physical machine.

Language packs for Windows 7 Enterprise provides support for up to 36 different languages from one reference image of Windows, which allows to avoid creating a separate image for each language used in the enterprise. They also enable more employees to work for the common computer, even if they use the interface in different languages. Language packs for Windows 7 is smaller, which reduces image size and speeds up installation compared to previous versions of Windows.

Among other advantages of a Windows 7 Enterprise
- Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications (SUA), the right to run up to 4 additional copies of Windows as a virtual machine and the right to boot Windows over a network.
Windows 7 Enterprise includes all the components available in other versions of Windows, including Windows Media Center and the codec to play DVD.
Optimized Desktop, and Software Assurance Windows 7 Enterprise is part of the solutions Microsoft Optimized Desktop, which also contains a package of management, deployment and virtualization, Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP).

If at the time of your Windows 7 computers covered by the program Software Assurance, you will automatically receive the right to deploy Windows 7 Enterprise on these computers without any additional fees (the order of speakers may be available for an additional fee).
Microsoft has confirmed its intention to continually improve services for corporate customers through Software Assurance through more regular exits Windows, additional benefits of Windows 7 Enterprise Edition and regular updates to Desktop Optimization Pack.

WINDOWS 7 ENTERPRISE is no different in functionality from the ULTIMATE version of this VOLUMNAYA version is designed for large corporations and activated through KMS server and keys. This is likely to be the easiest way to activate the system through pirated pirated KMS server.

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