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Autor: honse
Data: 21 Listopad 2010
Kategoria: PROGRAMY » Systemy

Windows XP by Rushen 10.11 Classic Edition (CD)

Windows XP by Rushen 10.11 Classic Edition represents a multiboot disc is designed to prepare the hard disk and then install the operating system Windows XP SP3. Installation is performed in fully automatic mode, as well as eat and manual mode. If desired, during installation you can choose the installed drivers. Distinctive features of the assembly are: a fully automated installation process is fast, stable system performance, update rollup, driver selection, beautiful design.

Loading module:
Acronis Rescue Center; launch suite of tools from Acronis (True Image, Disc Director, OS Selector. Drive Cleanser)
Norton Partition Magic 8.05 ... Quickly and easily create, smash, and converts the hard disk at the desired file system, install multiple operating systems on one computer, as well as to convert the file system FAT, FAT32, and NTFS each other ...
Memtest86 + 2.11 - Testing of RAM
Victoria 3.52 - a powerful tool for testing low-level state
Windows Key Enterprise Edition 8.0 - Reset user passwords on NT-systems

The difference from the usual build:
1. At least patched
2. Remotely to minimize

Tablet PC
Sample Sounds
Background images
the operating system . NET Framework 1.0 (added new 3.5)
Introduction to Windows
Multimedia extensions Explorer
Under Search
Help & Support
Security Center
Internet Information Services (IIS)
MSN Explorer
Windows Messenger
Web Folders

Atomic Alarm Clock
Internet Explorer 7
Windows Media Player 11.0
Drivers SCSI / SATA / RAID
CABTOOLS - Creating Archives cab (the button is in the Send To menu)
PhotoShop for Explorer - Allows you to view files. psd in the conductor
with select "Thumbnails"
Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5
Path2Clipboard - small program that gives you the ability to quickly and easily copy the file path (s) / folder (s) to the clipboard.
HashTab v3.0.0 - displays the md5 and other hash check sum in the properties file
UxTheme - patched to use unsigned themes
Beautiful Wallpapers
Avatars users
mouse cursor

DP_CHIPSET_SP - Drivers for chipset
DP_Graphics_ATI_SP - Drivers for video ATI
DP_Graphics_NVIDIA_SP - Drivers for video card NVIDIA
DP_LAN_SP - Drivers for various network adapters
DP_Sound_CMEDIA_SP - Drivers for sound cards C-Media
DP_Sound_NVIDIA_SP - Drivers for sound cards NVIDIA
DP_Sound_REALTEK_SP - Drivers for Sound Card REALTEK
DP_Sound_VIA_SP - Drivers for sound cards VIA

A small FAQ. Must read:
- The image must be burn using UltraISO or Alcohol 120% If you use the program Nero v7, 8 or 9 are possible errors in the 39 th minute installation (Installation failed ... I386/asms).
- Burn the image to produce qualitatively the drive and disc quality, at a speed higher than 8x mode Disk-at-Once (DAO) and the compulsory finalizing the disc. It is also recommended to disable programs like DaemonTools or disable these options such as to hide the media type is strongly recommended that after burning a disc using the program Nero CD-DVD Speed and run ScanDisk (disk scan) at the maximum speed for a recorded disc - ScanDisk (scan disk) should not show sectors, painted in yellow (and already in the red - even more so) - all sectors should be green.
- In the event of failure of the above requirements, no claims on the build quality (not posed an error during installation) will not be accepted.
- Blue screen (7B) during installation. As you can imagine, almost impossible to create an assembly that would have all the drivers on every hard disk controllers in all the various modes of operation. Work in this direction is constant. So far, only advice: if the assembly does not attempt - try to change in BIOS mode hard disk controller (IDE, RAID, AHCI). Already in IDE mode then establish mandatory.
- Before you upgrade your old windsurfing through the assembly, first remove from the system of virtual drives created by programs such as Alcohol 120% and Daemon Tulsi. This is due to the fact that the driver name Wirth. drive, set up these programs, changes every time you start the wind, and the upgrade installer WINDOWS simply can not copy the driver file, because it does not find it. In this connection, update becomes impossible. With drivers Wirth. drives created by other programs (eg Nero Image Drive or UltraISO) no such problem.
- When you run Setup from the WINDOWS request serial number, where can I take? The serial number is located in the root directory in the file KEYS.txt. Use the Browse button to the CD-ROM Autorun-menu, then open the file KEYS.txt

Setting out from under Windows, as well as installation over an already installed system is supported but not recommended !!!
CRC32: 67ac47fb
MD5: 092d470b20f8d2f9a31a7e064757b1cf
SHA-1: 8f56db7aa3be420614a3b2036ebbed260bea5f2c

About file:
Year: 2010
Developer: Microsoft
Language: Russian
Version: 10.11 Classic Ed

Windows XP by Rushen 10.11 Classic Edition (CD) Windows XP by Rushen 10.11 Classic Edition (CD) Windows XP by Rushen 10.11 Classic Edition (CD)

Free Download: Windows XP by Rushen 10.11 Classic Edition (CD)

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