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Data: 22 Wrzesień 2010
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Backup4all Professional 4.4.218 (Multi) (2010)

Backup4all Professional 4.4.218 (Multi) (2010) | 20,2 MB

Backup4all - a program designed to create backup copies of important information and data. It has a convenient and intuitive interface, a large set of options for fine configuration of the program. There is a built-in wizard allowing you to create backups of a single mouse click. It works with filters and automated data backup schedule. The program uses ZIP-compression, can work with network storage devices, as well as write data to CD / DVD or FTP-server. With the wizard you can easily configure any of the types. It is possible to use powerful file filters and create copies of data on a schedule. Once the copy is created, you can see what files have been changed since the previous backup.
The program is designed to protect your data from partial or total loss by automating backup tasks, protecting data generated copy of the password and compressing them to save space on your hard drive. It has powerful features and an intuitive interface, easily accessible to both beginner and professional users. Backup4all creates standard ZIP-archives, access to which you can get with any ZIP-compatible utility. Backups are having more than 2 GB will be automatically divided into several separate zip-files are compatible with WinZip archiving and PKZip. The program supports work with any drives, including network and has a built-in recording data on CD / DVD drives.
One of the rules to be followed to make sure that no data will be lost as a result of hardware or software malfunction, keep the CD / DVD or other media file backups. Backup4all program is designed for a backup. Routine process of continuous backup can be fully automated: to establish a timetable of the process to make copies of files, specify the location where you store raw data, apply the incremental backups, etc. To protect the backup data, you can use the compression format zip, with a strong encryption algorithm with key lengths of 128, 192 and 256 bits.

* New: Option added to open backups from specific locations (Local, Network, FTP/SFTP)
* New: Backup jobs can now be moved in the backup list(drag-and-drop)
* New: Test runs after the merge operation too
* Fix: The number of warnings in email notification was not correct
* Fix: Backup4all froze while paused for a longer period of time
* Fix: Mirror backup to CD/DVD/Blu-ray spaning on multiple disks
* Fix: Warning message when cannot open read-only catalog file
* Fix: "Backup all groups" scheduler did not work correctly
* Fix: Restore with problems from "Getting Started" page
* Fix: "Filter by action" under Scheduler page did not work correctly
* Fix: Some fixes when backing up open files
* Fix: AV when backing up to CD/DVD/Blu-ray using command line
* Fix: "Open" and "View with Notepad" options fixed

System requirements:
Platform: Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008 Server/Vista/Windows 7
Processor: 1 Ghz
Language: Multi
Crack: Complete
Year: 2010


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