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Data: 27 Lipiec 2010
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Portable Scanner Dr.Web v6.00.2.05140 Final

Updated popular Scanner Dr.Web 6.0 versions for Windows, which allows a high degree of probability of detecting unknown viruses, rootkits, Trojans, spyware and all sorts of malware. The program allows for automatic downloading from the Internet database of new viruses.

July 8, 2010 Doctor Web, "reports an update of some components in the single-player and server products Dr.Web version 6.0 for Windows (32 – and 64-bit systems). A fixed number of errors, including critical, and made significant improvement. Significant changes have affected the three components of the anti-virus: control module (agent), Web anti-virus module and self-defense.

Antivirus scanning (scanning) the file system
Immediately after starting the program with the default settings conducts anti-virus scanning of RAM, and modules running programs, as well as startup files Windows.

Checking the other file system objects made by your request. Select one of these modes of virus scanning:
Quick check
In this mode, scanned the following objects:
ˇ Memory
ˇ Boot sectors of all disks
ˇ Startup objects
ˇ Root boot disk
ˇ Root of the drive you install Windows
ˇ Windows system directory
ˇ My Documents
• a temporary folder system
• a temporary user directory

Full scan
In this mode, perform a full scan of all hard drives and removable media (including boot sectors).

This mode provides the ability to select any folders and files to be scanned.
When you select this mode in the central part of the tab will be presented to check the file system as a hierarchical tree. If necessary, it can deploy up to any level directories and files in them.
Select a hierarchical list of objects that will be subjected to scanning. Along with the selected objects will be updated boot sectors of all disks.

"When you work under Windows Vista should run the scanner on behalf of a user with administrator privileges. Otherwise, the files and folders to which an unprivileged user does not have access (including system folders) will not be subjected to verification.

A distinctive feature of these assemblies from Dr.Web CureIt! – This function updates the virus database (subject to running as root!), Which will save you time and bandwidth than ever to download Dr.Web CureIt!.

Kernel (Virus-Finding Engine)
Virus Database for 07/10/2010 (20-04) 1553965 records.

Language: English, Russian and Ukrainian.
Platform: Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP/Vista/Win 7 (only for 32-bit systems).
Developer: Doctor Web, Ltd. ".
Enabling | reg code: not required to 03/09/2011
Hash (md5): 52d7910bd991978373bc8ebd0860964f
File Size: 48.33 Mb

Download Portable Scanner Dr.Web v6.00.2.05140 Final-49.78mb

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