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Data: 7 Lipiec 2010
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Microsoft Expression Studio 4 Build 1165 Ultimate DreamSpark

Microsoft Expression Studio 4 Build 1165 Ultimate DreamSpark
Office || 2010 || ENG || 284MB

Expression Studio 4 - A new version of the popular collection of graphics programs, displays work together designers and developers a new level and helps to create dynamic applications, building on existing experience and using familiar tools. With the new functions of Expression Studio 4 design offices and Web studios get more flexibility, including communicating with customers, and can significantly accelerate time to market new products.
Expression Studio 4 includes many new features, such as:
* Encoding and broadcast events live from the support IIS Smooth Streaming: Expression Encoder 4 can arrange live broadcasts in a format IIS Smooth Streaming, which provides uninterrupted playback of video using Silverlight and HTTP. All that is required - specify output formats H.264 or VC-1, set the number and size of flows, and video can be published directly to the IIS Media Services. With the updated interface and the ability to switch video sources, control transmission in real time is particularly effective
* Improved search engine rankings, by means of SEO-diagnostics: new tools for SEO-analysts can not only conduct an audit of missing or duplicate titles and meta tags, but also check the contents of the "sensitivity" to seek to ensure that the components page is not generally contain the values
* Plugins for Expression Web using HTML and javascript: now in Expression Web, you can add your own components - menus, toolbars, buttons, and even dialog boxes, using just HTML, CSS, javascript and XML
* Publication of prototypes SketchFlow portal SharePoint: Publication of draft SketchFlow, using Silverlight, directly on the SharePoint Portal provides a simple and easy access to the entire team of developers and designers to prototype. What is very important for team work - users can leave their comments in SharePoint immediately after the publication of the prototype
* New components of behavior (behaviors) in Blend: Expression Blend includes new behaviors, allowing you to concentrate on design. With the new components can be simulated multi-touch, determine the conditions and even apply some of them in SketchFlow
* Designing user interfaces (UI) without a single line of code: the new Expression Blend 4 allows to create even more complex interactive design without a single line of code. Thus, to create the code to ask almost any behavior, no longer need to
Expression Studio 4 is the perfect complement to the instruments which are already used teams of developers and designers. The new version offers a set of high-quality design tools that ensure that the best design ideas can be used in interactive design. It also provides fast and flexible organization of working process with the help of Expression Blend, Visual Studio i.NET Framework.
Size: 284 Mb
OS: 2000/XP/Vista/7
Interface: English

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