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Autor: maxxy4
Data: 24 Maj 2010
Kategoria: PROGRAMY » Pozostałe

Cafe Manila 8.6.6

Cafe Manila 8.6.6

Cafe Manila 8.6.6

This software is a on-line real time simply manage your client machines such as monitoring, locking to process easier in the Internet cafe business.
It doesn't matter how big is your cyber cafe is capable of controlling any number of workstations. It is designed to be a great help for all cyber cafe owners, operators and customers.

Monitoring and Management Features
* Graphical computer overview to match their physical arrangement
* Monitoring on-line real-time of every machine and customers
* Two payment modes. Post-Paid and Pre-Paid.
* In Prepaid mode it is possible to increase amount of time for the user’s session.
* Automatically logout user after prepaid accounts expires.
* Transfer active customer session from one PC to another.
* Up to 999 clients
* Remotely turn on/off and reboot computers
* Configurable categories of user rates (includes Games, Internet and Typing)
* Crash proof complete auto recovery.
* Adjustable client volume
* Auto backup of database on save operation.
* Mark a computer as not functioning
* Monitor user status
* Advanced search functions for finding customer accounts easily
* Logon/logoff customers remotely
* Guest function for one time customers
* Two member types: non-member and members
* Send text messages to client PC's and vice versa.
* Screenshots - You can view the client desktop.
* Customer reservation.
* Ticketing system.
* Product maintenance, delivery and inventory.
Client Features
* Automatically Startup with windows.
* Automatically logout user after prepaid accounts expires.
* Your customers can always see how much time they have left or used.
* Customer can be notified when he/she has a specified amount of time left, ie.5 min.
* Logo for showing your rental logo on screen (Also support randomized muti-logos) that can apply to be the advertisement.
* Send messages to counter.
* Different usage patterns: prepaid and postpaid
* Configurable Service. You can give access to client workstation programs and specify what application program are allowed for selective service. This is useful if the rate of services are different (e.g. internet, games, typing)

Security Features
* Hiding Disk Drive (Floppy Disks, Hard Disks, CD ROM, Network Drives).
* Hiding "Control Panel", "Printer Folder", "RUN Command" and "Network neighborhood icon". To prevent damage from users setting.
* Security profiles can be changed immediately from the Server module
* Backdoor access with administrative password
* All data are stored in a secured relational database
* Employee accounts with different levels of privileges (administrator, technician and standard employee)
* Only administrators and technicians has access to server settings
Report and Statistic
* Transaction reports viewer by selected date, by user and by purpose.
* Product and Services report viewer by selected date.
* Member and non-member account report (includes expire account).

Cafe Manila 8.6.6

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