Data: 13 Sierpień 2011
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˛PS Ukrainian legislation 2.8.1
˛PS Ukrainian legislation 2.8.1
˛PS Ukrainian legislation 2.8.1 | 2.65 GB

We offer an information retrieval system (IRS) "Legislation". IPS is a modern and convenient way of working with legal information. The system has powerful search tools and a variety of means the display of documents.
The database system - a set of legal, administrative documents of Ukrainian authorities, international treaties, commentaries, explanations, letters, shapes and forms, model documents and other documents.
Daily updated database of 70-100 documents.

The database contains the IRS:

1. Documents of Ukrainian authorities, namely:
• Supreme Council;
• President;
• Cabinet;
• The Constitutional Court, Supreme Court, Supreme Economic Court;
• Ministries (Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy, State Tax Administration, the National Bank, State Customs Service, State Property Fund and others).
2. International agreements.
3. Some of the regulations the authorities of the USSR and the Ukraine.
4. Documents of the regional legislation.

Block the financial information submitted to the exchange rates that are set by the National Bank of Ukraine, the exchange rates in exchange offices, inflation indices, etc.
The system contains a built-in Ukrainian-Russian-English translator tripartite, a directory of Ukrainian authorities and officials.
In the IRS has a terminological dictionary of Ukrainian legislation (more than 46 000 terms), which is constantly updated.
A unique information resource system is a database of government with a history of creating, renaming and elimination.

In the present assembly Dana updated database of "Law of Ukraine" as of 06/06/2011 (according to 8837 block)
and the base of "The Practice gospodarskogo sudochinstva" (the 1184 block).
Updates to the database "Law of Ukraine" can be found here

The assembly added video instructions for installing the emulator

Found a solution ban key (error internal error # AS080). About the possibility of obtaining a decision on the capacity of the program to contact me in PM (PM)!

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